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                                                                        Blossom's Lullaby

NOTICE:This story was inspired by another story under the same name, thanks to it’s writer PervyPlatypus for letting me use the same title, here’s her story feel free to read it first or later.…

It was a lovely day in Townsville, everyone was walking the streets calmly and without a care in the world. Even the talking dog was having a enjoyable day as the Mayor patted his belly. No villains or criminals running around, just a beautiful day. But suddenly that quiet day shattered as Mojo Jojo blasted his way through a building in one of his many flying crafts with the Powerpuff girls hot on his trail.

“Agh accursed Powerpuff girls!” Mojo Jojo yelled as he fired some blasts at them which the girls easily dodged.

“Give up Mojo Jojo!” Shouted Buttercup quickly followed by Bubbles saying. “You’ll never defeat us like that!”

“Agh!” Mojo Jojo shouted, “Enough of your smart talk for it’s time for you to finally taste the bitterness of defeat!” he said firing a flamethrower at them.

Blossom quickly flew in the way and took a big, deep breath and as the flames drew closer she exhaled a ice breath that within seconds froze them solid. She grabbed the now frozen flames and shattered it, “When will you ever learn? You can’t beat us by using old tactics like that.” she said sternly.

Mojo Jojo just made his usual frustrated sound then rapidly fired blasts upon blasts at the girls, “Look out!” Blossom yelled as they suddenly flew in veriest patterns avoiding them.

But Mojo Jojo just kept firing at faster paces until finally, one of his blasts hit a nearby truck carrying some construction applies and it exploded launching everything up into the air. The girls gasped and quickly went into action, moving people out of the way who were too much in shock to even reaction properly. Right as the girls took the frozen people out of danger the construction supplies crashed into where they were standing barely missing them, after Blossom got an elderly lady to safely she and her sisters flew after Mojo Jojo who was fleeing.

“Be more careful!! Someone could’ve been killed!” Buttercup raged at him.

But Mojo Jojo just yelled in frustration again then suddenly fired another blast behind him, Blossom quickly grabbed her sisters by the hands and flew upward avoiding it then quickly threw  them towards him. They held each other as they spun around faster and faster creating a faint blue and green light. When Mojo Jojo noticed the light he turned around but as he did they rammed into his chest, the force of their hit erupted into a small explosion of light and he was sent flying.

Right as he was sent flying his figure slipped and fired one last blast, Blossom who was unaware flew towards her sisters as the blast shot past her head and into a building which erupted. The force of the eruption caught Blossom off guard as she was too close and caused her to lose focus and got shot down hitting the ground head first. As her head hit the hard pavement she felt extreme pain as her head went numb. As she tried to get up she felt something wet doing down her face, she used her hand to rub the wet part of her face and held it down to see what it was, she gasped as her hand was covered in what looks like blood. As drips of it fell to the pavement she stares down at them unable to think as her vision became blurry, suddenly she collapses with her sisters screaming her name.

Sometime later Blossom was laying in a hospital bed with her sisters and the Professor just outside the room, “How is she? In all her fights she was never this badly hurt, will...will she be OK?” the Professor asked clearly on the verge of tears.

The doctor he was talking too was looking at some charts his nurses took before answering, “She sustained a severe head injury, but she’ll be fine however she is in a coma. We don’t know when she’ll wake up, I’m sorry.” he sadly tells them.

All three grabbed their mouths and gasped, “B-But she’s a strong leader...she’ll wake up I know it...” Bubbles said with teary eyes.

“Y-Yeah she survived far worse than this.” Buttercup quickly followed with.

“Let us get her a little bit better, then you can take her home after she’s stable.” The doctor told them then walked off not making much eye contact as he knew her chances of recovering were slim.

“Thank you doctor..” The Professor whispered as he and the two girls walked into Blossom’s room and sat by her side.

…......Sometime later.........

Everything was dark, head pounding, and ever so quiet...’Where was I’ the thought going through Blossom’s head, the last thing she could remember was fighting Mojo Jojo and suddenly everything’s fuzzy after her sisters got him. Why was her heading hurting? Why was everything so dark? And above all else, where was she? Thoughts went through her head but it hurt to think, was Blossom alone? Did something happen during her fight? She can’t remember, she felt nothing but her head pounding in pain like a potion of it was expose to the burning air.

All Blossom could do was think, thinking was easy for her being a leader and all. She tried to remember her fight more clearly, but the pain in her head was stopping her from remembering more than a few minutes of it. She was getting frustrated at herself, she wanted to scream a little both in anger about memory lost and in pain when suddenly, she heard a small tune. A tune so quiet you can almost mute it but yet so loud at the same time, this calming sound got Blossom to open her eyes, what greeted her was the calming sight of her bedroom with different stuff animals and plushies stacked around her.

As she looked around the room she was calmed by the familiar surroundings, she got up from her bed and went to her heart shaped mirror. She looked pretty normal with no sign of a head wound, and yet her head still pounded like something was hitting her. She rubbed her head but that just made the pain much worse, then came the quiet tune from before but a bit louder this time. As she heard it she felt her pain, going away for some reason. But she didn’t mind anything to drive that kind of pain away, must be a good thing.

But she wanted to know where it was coming from and who was playing it, even though it was so faint she could tell it was coming from a piano. Which if she remembers correctly, the Professor brought a piano into the house some months ago. Blossom flew from her sitting position and silently flew downstairs, she wasn’t sure what this tune was but she loved how it sounded. Once she made it to the bottom floor she headed to the main room where the piano was, but was stopped by a strange smell coming from a door she just passed.

She grabbed her nose as the smell made her feel a little woozy, she backed up and stared at the door. It was one of their closet doors, she looked through the cracks of where the door met the wall and peeked in. She could see something on the other side but couldn’t tell what, being brave and with a gulp she grabbed the door handle, slowly turning it and with a big breath, yanked it wide open.

As she open the door her eyes suddenly closed scared of what she’ll see, she heard a light thump like something hitting the floor. She took another gulp and open her eyes to see...the scariest sight she ever saw. Her knees felt woozy, and felt like she was about to throw up her breakfast, she fell to her knees tears streaming down her face and just terrified.

“B-Bubbles...” She cried as she held her eyes in tears, there laying in a pool of blood was her sister Bubbles.

She had her eyes cut out, chest ribbed out like something busted from within and heart was clearly taken out, and just looked butchered. Whoever did this showed no mercy, her body was gutted and her face, nearly unrecognizable. Blossom couldn’t imagine who would’ve done this, she only hoped she wasn’t alive to feel such pain. Blossom couldn’t look at this anymore and ran as fast as she could to the nearest trash can and immediately threw up in it.

After a minute of throwing up she fell to her knees again crying, she couldn’t or just can’t imagine what her sister went through. In the midst of her tears she suddenly heard the soft tune again, she became frozen at hearing it and stared down the hallway that it was clearly coming from. She stood up motionless very much like a zombie and slowly floated down the hallway, she passed her sister Bubbles not wanting to stare at her for it was too painful.

When she reached the branch where the hallway met the main room she landed on her feet, then after a minute of being frozen she stepped in. Once she did the calming tune, just stopped and she felt woozy again. She held her stomach trying to remain standing, but soon she felt too sick and her head started pounding again but much more severely. She cried out in pain wishing it would stop, but it became too much and she suddenly fell to the floor. As her head struck it her vision started to fade into blackness, she shed a small tear as a figure she couldn’t recognize came into view. The very last thing she remembered before losing all consciousness was, a familiar laughter.

…........Pain, pain was the only thing Blossom could tell apart from the darkness pledging her eyes. ‘Why must everything but so dark and empty?’ she thought as she tried to make everything clear. But everything was just black like a empty void with nothing in it, nothing but a soft tune that started to play.

Once she heard it she suddenly felt calm again and soon, she awoke. She wasn’t aware she was even asleep but was glad she was, but oddly she felt as if she was sitting upward and not down like in a bed. No, she could clearly feel she was sitting in a chair. When she was feeling more awake and a bit stronger she open her eyes, she slowly but surely looked up at her surroundings. She was in the main room where she passed out earlier, she sighed a bit and went to get up but was suddenly held back.

She looked down and saw ropes tying her to the chair, she tried moving her arms and wiggled as much as she could but to no avail, she was firmly tied down and with her headache she felt too weak to use her full strength. Suddenly she heard a piano key being pressed and it scared her nearly causing her to tip over, she looked in front of her and saw the piano she’s been hearing. Sitting at it and playing the soft tune she heard since she woke up earlier was, just a little girl about her same age.

She was dressed in a old timely little girls dress, a hair ribbon much like her’s but a different brand, and a darker shade of her hair color with blood patterns in it making it look very messy.  But what caught her eye the most was, she could tell the girl was crying. She fixed her head to her left a bit and saw what looked blood running down her cheek, it almost looked like she was crying tears of blood.

Blossom felt sad for the little girl, even though she had no idea who she was she felt sadden by looking at her. She wanted to ask what was wrong but as soon as the first word left her lips, the little girl spun around staring at her. This scared Blossom as when she saw her face, she felt weird. The scary kind of weird that scares you because you don’t know why you feel weird at all, the girl laughed a bit then stood away from the piano smiling at her.

“You’re awake Blossom...good.” The little girl spoke.

“W-Who are you..? And why are you crying...blood..??” Blossom asked a bit in shock but the girl, all though she doesn’t know why she felt as if...she met her before.

The little girl just laughed some more in a happy way, then turned slightly and played the soft tune that Blossom found relaxing. Well at least now she knows who was playing it, “That music...what is it?” she asked not feeling scared anymore as the music made it fade away.

“It’s a lullaby I taught myself, I find it relaxing...doesn't it make all your troubles go away?” The girl answered.

Blossom did find that the tune as soft as it is, made her mind calm and her head pain just disappeared. But why? A head pain like that being healed by music? Blossom didn’t believe that would work, no something wasn’t right to her. Something felt off but what? “Who are you?” She finally asked.

Upon hearing the question the little girl suddenly stopped playing the piano followed by the annoying and somewhat loud sound of missing a piano key, the girl giggled as Blossom could clearly make out blood running down her face as if they were tears. The girl turned around and smiled, this smile made Blossom very nervous.

The little girl brushed her hair for a few seconds then walked up to Blossom and patted her head like a puppy’s, this annoyed her and she shook her head to make her stop. The little girl laughed at how cute she was, that pitiful face of her just made the girl smile again. “...Bloom.” She spoke as she went back to the piano.

“Bloom? Tell me, what’s going on?” Blossom asked, just then her head started pounding again like she was being beaten violently.

“Your head hurts?” Bloom giggled, as Blossom nods she wiped a blood tear off of her cheek and walked behind her.

At first Blossom was unsure what she was doing, but she felt the ropes around her loosening. But before they were loose enough for her to get free however, she was pushed over head hitting the floor with a extreme burst of pain. After she cried a few tears she felt her arms loose enough and broke free flying off the ground.

“Why did you do that!?!?” Blossom yelled, “Now my head is killing me...” she held her head a bit as it felt unbearable.

“Heheheh...” Bloom laughed, “Pain...why do you feel it?” she asked.

“If I knew I wouldn’t be so confused.” Blossom answered her, “It feels brain is exposed and someone is beating it...” she explained.

Bloom just giggled which made Blossom a little bit mad at her, as she turned away from her not wanting to look at her she notices her sister’s corpse laying in the hallway, just then a thought hit her and she gasped. She held her mouth as she lowered herself to the floor. “ do that to Bubbles!?” She yelled.

Bloom just giggled some more as more blood dripped from her eyes, “Maybe I did...or maybe I didn’t...” she answered with a weird but stun tone.

“W-Why..? She wouldn’t hurt anyone not even a fly!” Blossom yelled again.

Bloom just shrugged her reaction off as she turned looking at Bubble’s corpse, “Such lovely cut marks...the heart was tricky I can tell...such a clear sign of an expert killer..” she smiled.

Enraged by her words Blossom charged at her yelling at the top of her lungs, Bloom just stared at her annoyingly as she watched her charge. Quickly she spun around Blossom right as she was about to tackle her and Blossom rammed into the wall as a result, this made her head hurt worse than it did before. Suddenly she fell face first to the floor unable to stand, she looked up and saw Bloom standing over her, with a knife suddenly in her hand.

“Oh dear little're so unsettled and need a break from all of this pain...” She smiled.

“Are you...going to kill me..?” Blossom asked, normally she would put up a better fight but with her head hurting so much she just wants it to stop.

“I could...” Bloom answered before getting a wider smile, “But what about your other sister..?” Suddenly Blossom’s mind shot back to normal, ignoring the pain she stood up becoming face to face with Bloom.

“Leave her...out of this...” She said through her teeth, Bloom just laughed in her face, then placed both arms around her shoulders with Blossom thinking she should push her away, but didn’t.

“I won’t hurt her....but you will.” Suddenly she stabbed the knife she had into Blossom’s neck.

The zolt of the pain shot through her body and the next thing Blossom knew, she was leaning forward screaming. She quickly grabbed her mouth as soon as she realized her surroundings, “W-Wha..?” she asked herself as she looked around.

She was in her bedroom and in a quick look she saw her two sisters Buttercup and Bubbles sound asleep beside her, this calmed her deeply although she wondered how her screaming didn’t wake them up. “ was just a nightmare...” She told her a few times, “A oddly realistic nightmare.” she said as she silently and carefully got out of bed and made her way the heart shaped mirror.

Once she saw her reflection she saw that she had bandages wrapped around her head with what looked like dried blood stains, “Well...that explains a lot...” she whispers.

In the reflection she also saw Bubbles’ face, she turned around feeling extremely happy she was alive and OK. She walked up and being sure not to wake her, carefully hugged her with a few tears in her eyes. After what felt like hours she patted her head and went outside the room, she made her way to the Professor’s room and saw he was sound asleep as well. She sighed in relief and headed downsides and into the kitchen, she made herself a cup of water and sat down in the living room staring at the blanked TV and at her reflection in it.

She looked just awful, but a bit funny if you took away the dried blood. She started to sip her water as she started to think, she remembered everything much more clearly than in her nightmare. She remembered fighting Mojo Jojo, tossing her sisters at him and catching him. Then a bright light from behind her causing her to fall and...Blossom rubbed her head as she remembered hitting the ground so hard.

She spent a few good minutes sitting there drinking away her water, until something caught her eye. It was the piano newly finished and just begging to be played, she knew she should be quite but something inside her wanted to play a song she knew. A song she learnt in class, she sat her water on a nearby table and flew over sitting at the piano. She looked over the keys and cracked her knuckles a bit then, started to play but trying to stay as silent as she could.

The song was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, kiddest she knew but played it anyways. The song played nicely and she even sang along with it but halfway through however, she started to play the song from her nightmare. She tried to stop but she couldn’t, it was as if something was controlling her hands. Suddenly...she started to feel strangely weird and a bit woozy, suddenly something wet landed in her lap. She looked and was shocked to see a knife laying there, when she locked eyes with it her hands came to a screeching halt.

She picked it up and when she did, she heard a faint sound in her head. As she stared at the knife her face became blink and like a zombie’s, the faint sound grew louder until she realized it was Bloom’s lullaby she heard throughout her nightmare. The more she listened and the more she stared at the knife she felt a growing urge, an urge too...

Suddenly something crashed on top of the piano startling Blossom back to her senses, there face to face with her was her sister Buttercup, dead. In complete shock she dropped the knife and fell backwards out of her seat, “Oh n-nooooo....” she cried as she crawled backwards until bumping into something.

She looked up to see Bloom, staring down right at her with a just a smile on her face. Blossom quickly rolled away from her backing up, Bloom just giggled happily at her reaction as she played with a small teddy bear she had now.

“Hahaha oh your reaction to Buttercup’s landing...funniest thing all night...” She laughed then walked over to Buttercup’s corpse. “How do you like it? Her guts cut out, body gutted and her neck...” she paused as with her free hand lifted Buttercup’s head up and made her face Blossom, “Nearly ripped out...yes it’s a beautiful sight don’t you agree?” she asked as she made Buttercup nod.

Blossom just cried as she watched, she thought she was dreaming before but now...she doesn’t know what to believe. “Why are you doing this? Why is this happening?” She asked frighten.

Bloom just stared over Buttercup’s corpse just amazed at the cutting, “Such beauty...she’s twice as beautiful now, do you like it?” she asked as she made her nod once more before laying her head back down, looking peacefully as if she was sleeping.

“I-I don’t understand...I woke up...did I fall back asleep?” Blossom pitched her right arm but the small pain assured her she wasn’t dreaming.

Just then it hit her, the head pain...even since she woke up she had a head pain that just grew, if she was dreaming the whole time then there wouldn’t be any pain. No pain always wake you up from a dream or nightmare, shouldn’t it? No Blossom realized she couldn’t be dreaming, this...this was something else but what?

Just as she realized that the knife from before came into her view, she looked up and saw Bloom holding it. “Take it.” She said, Blossom wasn’t sure last time they were this close with a knife it ended up in her neck.

Knowing this however she still took it, she took it into her hands and stared at it. It was like, she was hypnotized by just staring at it. As she held it tighter Bloom’s lullaby started playing over and over on a endless loop in her mind, she was mesmerized by it, entranced, and had an overwhelming urge to...kill.

Suddenly she heard crying, she looked to her right and saw a little girl tied up face flooded with tears. She cried out for help and for her mother, Bloom stayed back and watch as Blossom like a zombie floated towards the girl. She landed and stared at her making the girl cry more and more, but Blossom was unaffected, no she loved the sound of her crying. She wanted to make her cry more and suffer, she held the knife up as the Lullaby in her head grew louder as if it was being played by a loud speaker and she was standing right next to it.

Blossom ready herself, Bloom held her teddy bear close thrilled to see a new murder, but right as Blossom was about to swing the knife down she...couldn’t. She tried too but her hand was frozen and just couldn’t move, she stared at the girl and started to shed small tears, the lullaby in her head started to skip as if being interrupted and finally she dropped the knife as she fell to her knees sobbing.

“I can’t...” She cried as her mind became filled with guilt.

She looked up to say sorry to the girl but before she could, she disappeared right before her eyes. She stayed staring at where she was, crying. Finally she turned around to see Bloom shaking her head disappointed.

“Why didn’t you kill her? You had every instinct too what held you back?” She asked looking frustrated.

Blossom sniffed and stood up as she wiped some tears away, “B-Because...I’m not a murderer!!” she cried out. “I’m a hero, I safe people not kill them!”

Bloom just giggled which turned into a very loud laughter, “But you are...deep down inside you are a killer.” she smiles.

“NO! I don’t know what you are...I don’t even know if this is real or not...but I do know I am not a killer, you're just...” Before Blossom could finish a mirror slammed down beside her startling her, she looked at it and saw her own reflection, but without her bandages.

“For as long as I can remember after you were born, I was trapped. An instinct, the urge and lust of a little girl that couldn’t be realized.” Bloom explained.

As she talked Blossom stared into her reflection, she watched as her clothes transformed into what Bloom was wearing. She was both scared and confused, besides her hair she looked just like Bloom in every way like an exact twin. Suddenly it all hit her, why she was familiar and why she had that weird urge.

“You’” Blossom spoked as she looked at herself away from the mirror, she was indeed wearing Bloom’s cloths. Even her clothes fit her perfectly and was wondering how she didn’t notice this likeness sooner. “What...are yo...!?” Blossom grabbed her mouth in shock as Bloom suddenly had blood running from her eyes like she was crying again. Blossom knew she shouldn’t feel sorry for her, but she does feel sorry and wants to help her but doesn’t know why.

“I am just an instinct, a separate mind...I’m a part of you Blossom...” Bloom answered as blood red tears dripped from her eyes as she just smiled, smiled like she was insane.

“ couldn’t could we be the same?” Blossom asked as she looked at her reflection again, why does she resemble Bloom so much? Apart you wouldn’t guess but since she’s now dressed as her, it’s uncanny how similar they look and she couldn’t stop wondering why.

“For as long as you fought for justice and saving lives, the inner you just grew more hatred at happy faces...the inner you WASN’T suppose to be such a goodie two shoes!” Bloom yelled.

When she yelled her voice became more echo like and inhuman, “What are you talking about? ‘The inner me’?” Blossom asked turning her attention back to her.

“You always had the urge to kill, don’t you remember?” Bloom asked, Blossom just shook her head and flew towards Bloom landing in front of her.

“Not once, you...can’t be real this is all probably just because of my head wound. I ‘never’ even thought about killing.” Blossom stated as she stared right into Bloom’s face.

“This denying is only one reason why the inner you hated what you becom....”

“There is NO inner me Bloom!.” Blossom interrupted, Bloom just stared at her sadly, then breaking into more tears.

“You still don’t realize do you?” Bloom sounding more worried, then she looked back at Buttercup’s corpse. “I promised not to hurt her, and you had the knife in your lap. I did nothing but admire the handy work, I’m just...” She paused for a few moments then turned back to facing Blossom. “I ‘am’ your inner true self...that watched your every move since day one...”

Just as those words left her mouth she grabbed Blossom’s neck and started to struggle her, she tried breaking free but couldn’t. Suddenly her head started pounding more and more and she tried to scream but couldn’t due to her gasping for air, finally she manages to knee Bloom in the stomach and kicked her away from her.

Blossom gasped for air before finally screaming, she held her head as he fell down leaning over head unbearable. She looked up to see Bloom standing up with pure anger in her eyes, “Don’t fight me anymore...let yourself be free Blossom...Don’t you realize it?”

“N-No...I don’t!” Blossom yelled back still gasping for air, she looked over herself in Bloom’s outfit just hating that they might indeed be the same.

“All this time I laid asleep, but was so locked me...your true feelings away, for every good act for every person you saved...your inner feelings grew more and more, that head wound was only the trigger. It allowed reawaken at long last...” She paused to pick her teddy bear up then taking a few steps towards Blossom, “ are me in every way and it’s finally time...for you wake up!”

Just as those words hit Blossom’s ears her sisters’ mangled corpses appeared behind Bloom, she gasped as she tumbled onto her back.

“Why....why did you kill us?” Bubbles spoke followed by Buttercup saying. “Why..? We were...your best friends...”

“I-I didn’t kill you! It was Bloom! It” Blossom cried as memories of her sisters being gutted suddenly appeared in her mind, she remembered them crying and asking why as she stabbed them violently. More and more tears streamed down her face as she remembered everything that happen to them, which she realized there was only one way for her to remember these memories so clearly...if she did it...She tried to think of another reason why these memories were in her head but just held her eyes crying louder than she ever cried before, “I’m...I’m so sorry!” she cried as she saw in her head her very hands as she....she just cried...

“Why Blossom...why did you do it...” They both asked.

“I don’t know I can’t remember...I never once wanted too...why....” She asked herself, then she saw the knife laying just beside her.

She picked it up staring at it crying, just like before as she stares at it in her hand the lullaby played in her mind. Suddenly she could understand what it means, she understood the sound and the lyrics to it. She...knew what she had to do, “Maybe...maybe it’s my time to join them...” she spoke.

“What?” Bloom asked hoping she misheard her, Blossom stood up staring at the knife until she held it up facing herself, “Wait what are you doing?!” Bloom shouted.

“I can’t live knowing I killed my own sisters...I just can’t...” She cried, she wanted to stab the knife right into her neck. But even though she wanted too, she couldn’t bring her hand down and it just made her angry.

She was disgusted at herself, she wanted herself to pay for what she did, and...she wanted to kill. She screamed as loud as she could before throwing the knife right at Bloom stabbing it into her stomach before she could react causing her to cry out in pain, she stared at Blossom then down at the knife as her stomach started to bleed badly. She trembled a bit as if in shock dropping her teddy dear to the floor, a bit satisfied Blossom nodded her head just before she saw her clothes reverting back to her usual and normal pink dress and hair ribbon.

With a smile she looked back up as Bloom fell to her knees as her stomach bled onto the floor into a slight puddle, she stared at Blossom unable to speak as the blood lost was getting worse. Bloom felt weak but even so she grabbed the knife and ripped it out screaming, “How could you!?” She yelled as she threw the knife back at her.

It landed with a thud at her feet and she quickly picked it back up, she looked back up to see Bloom face to face. Before she could react Bloom slapped her across the face knocking her down, as she hits the floor her head started to hurt again. It became more and more painful as she tried to stand up, when she manages to get to her knees she noticed she was crying, blood. She rubbed her eyes only to see more blood, she looked back at the mirror that Bloom made appear and saw that her eyes were bloodshot and lifeless like she had died.

She turned back to Bloom who had the same lifeless eyes as her, “You’ll end up dying if you don’t wake up...why won’t you..? Why must you...keep fighting?” Bloom asked.

“I...I don’t know...I just want to die...” Blossom cried.

Bloom sighed as if disappointed, “Very shall die.” As soon as she spoke she floated backwards with a very sad expression just as Blossom’s undead sisters started to move.

Blossom became more frighten and frozen, her sisters kept saying words but she was too scared to understand them. Suddenly they attacked her with her quickly reacting jumping backwards, as she landed she held the knife tightly as she knew if she holds it her head pain would at least be bearable. She looked up and quickly dodged an attack by Bubbles, she started to fly but Buttercup just appeared in front of her knocking her back down. As she hit the floor Bubbles lances on to one of her legs biting her with Blossom screaming in pain. She flipped kicked her across the room as her leg started to bleed, she quickly shot towards the hallway seeing Buttercup there but in her frighten state she hits her into the wall as she flew into the kitchen.

She looked for a way out but couldn’t as the windows and door were boarded shut and nailed down all of a sudden, she screamed in anger but suddenly felt something on her. With a turn of her head she saw Buttercup’s eyeless face which scared her into flying backwards ramming her into a wall repeatedly until her grip loosen and she was able to break free, after she was she turned around and stabbed the knife right into her chest. Once she realized what she just did she became frozen, that was until she heard Bloom’s lullaby in her ears causing her to enter a frenzy.

She ripped the knife out and repeatedly stabbed her undead sister for what felt like fifty stabs before she rammed it into her already gutted neck, she grabbed her head ripping it clean off as she screamed. She threw the head across the room suddenly seeing Bubbles, within a second of being noticed she shot up the staircase. Blossom just remained frozen as if she was a different person, without turning her head she grabbed the knife from her sister’s now headless body ripping it out with her corpse sliding down the wall leaving a long blood stain along the wall.

With an expressionless face she flew towards the staircase seeing her other undead sister at the top before darting off, she flew up the stairs following her until she saw her slamming their bedroom door. She heard someone crying but was unaffected, she charged as fast as she could slamming the door wide open.

Buttercup who was sound asleep was awoken by the door being slammed open, she quickly got into a defense stance but dropped it as she saw who it was, “B-Blossom..?” she asked in shock to see her once comaized sister up and standing. But her happiness was quickly taken away as she saw how bloody and lifeless she looked, Blossom’s eyes quickly turned to who was just waking up from her sister’s words. Buttercup still scared saw Blossom holding something tightly in her hand, it was a knife and before she could react she launched herself at Bubbles.

Buttercup quickly snatches her out of the way as Blossom stabbed the knife into her blue pillow, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?” Buttercup yelled as Bubbles seeing what almost happened started to cried.

Buttercup’s yelling was loud enough to wake the Professor up and without hesitating rushed to the girls’ room where he saw Blossom holding a knife, “B-Blossom?! What are you doing what tha...” before he could finish she turned and started to cry as she saw him.

“P-Professor...” She weakly said, “I-I’m sorry...I killed them...” she cried out.

The Professor was very scared by what was going on, he wasn’t sure what to say or do. “Killed who..?” He scaredly asked leaning down to hold her but she swept his arms away.

With a few tears she said, “My sisters...” this made her sisters stare at each other confused and very scared.

They both flew down on the bed behind her, unsure what to say Buttercup said “But we’re right her..” just then Blossom launches at her with Buttercup barely avoided being stabbed.

Blossom then turned to stab Bubbles but just in time Buttercup tackled her to the ground knocking the knife out of her hand, with the knife out of her reach she started to feel pain and kicked her sister off screaming as she quickly ran by the Professor. They all followed her to the kitchen as she curled down against the wall screaming at them to go away, “G-GET BACK! I’M SORRY!” she cried in tears.

The Professor very worried for his daughter tried to reach for her but the closer he got the more panicked she got, finally he just launched forward grabbing her into a tight hug. She screamed kicking wanting to get away until finally she lost control suddenly hugging him crying heavily on his shoulder.

“What happen Blossom? Why are you so scared?” He asked crying back.

Blossom just cried more and more until finally saying, “I had a bad dream...where I-I...” she just cried unable to finish.

The Professor patted her back calming her down a bit, “It was just a nightmare...look their just fine..” he said as he puts her down facing her two sisters who look so depressed.

Blossom sniffed a few times before running towards them hugging them, “It was so real and when I thought I woke up it just got worse....” she cried as the three sisters hugged each other very tightly.

“It’s was just a bad dream..” Buttercup said hugging her sister in tears.

“I feel bad that you had such a terrible least it’s over.” Bubbles said holding her head against Blossom’s.

After what felt like hours they broke the hug as Blossom said, “Sorry I never knew dreams...that a nightmare could cause such actions...” she then remembered her head wound and as she rubbed it she said. “Guess this had a hand in it huh?” She then turns to back to face the Professor, “I’m sorry Professor…” she walks up and hugs him again feeling a lot better and safer that she’s finally awake.

“H-How long...was I asleep?” Blossom asked with her family unsure if they should tell her. “I-It’s OK…” She speaks before they could answer, “At least the nightmare is over…and girls..” she turns to face them smiling a little. “Can you ever forgive me?”

“You kidding?” Of course we do!” Buttercup smiles followed by Bubbles happily saying. “Yeah and maybe you won’t have that bad dream anymore.” The sisters laughed a bit before they all rehugged each other.

“I-If I may ask...” The Professor starts, “What was this nightmare about?” he asked unsure if he should have, but something told him to ask and was unsure what.

Blossom just shrugged it off wanting to forget it, “I whether not talk about it...I want to forget it as soon as possible...”  she answers.

“Hehehe well that’ll be a problem...” A voice giggles behind her making Blossom freeze, she slowly turns around to face her sisters again only to see....Bloom. ”BOO!” She screams scaring Blossom to awake back at the hospital.

When she realizes where she was she screamed again alerting the doctors and awaking her family that was sleeping overnight, “NO NO NO NO!!!! WHEN WILL I FINALLY WAKE UP!?” She screams as she violently hit her head on her pillow. The doctors seeing she was hitting her already badly hurt head rushed in trying to stop her.

“NO GET OFF ME! SHE’LL BE BACK SHE WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE!” She screamed as the doctors had to hold her down to prevent her from hurting herself further.

As another doctor came in a few nurses had to escort her family outside the room, but they could hear Blossom screaming about someone named Bloom and her sisters being horribly killed. They were all frozen in shock as they had no idea what to do or what was happening, Blossom just kept screaming until finally a shot a doctor gave made her drowsy .

“! If I fall back asleep she will....Bloom will....” Before she could finished her body went numb and seconds later she lost consciousness.

…..Several weeks to a month later....

Blossom was sitting in a cold dark room rocking herself back and forth as she mumbles to herself, she wanted to scream but that was useless. She wanted to cry but she cried out all of her tears already, she wanted to break the wall down so she could be free but the jacket they put her in had her arms tied around her back. A hero, a strong leader turned into a whimpering child just wishing for her nightmare to finally end and to wake up.

“When will I wake up..?” She mumbles to herself before turning her head upward to face someone else in the room with her.

“You will, when you finally free your true self that is...” Bloom smiles holding her teddy bear close as she watched Blossom acting like a silly kid, it just amuses her but...she wished she would wake up from her long drawn out dream of being a good doer.

“I’ll never be a killer...I’ll never be like you...” Blossom whimpers as she rocked back and forth.

Bloom just giggled then started to laugh, “Then you’ll be stuck in this ‘nightmare’ forever...until the day you finally wake up.” she smiles before humming her lullaby to herself and playing with her teddy bear.

Her words just made Blossom more saddened, all she wanted is to fully wake up, to be with her sisters and the Professor again...saving Townsville like they always do, but...that’s a thing of the past now. Whenever she thinks she finally woke up Bloom is always there, just laughing at’s like her head wound started a long nightmare that’s just on a repeating cycle, she wanted to go home and lay in her bed next to Bubbles and Buttercup...Well, at least she still has her memories now so she can ignore this nightmare for at least a while until, before ‘her’ lullaby starts replaying in her head restarting the nightmare all over again.
Blossom's Lullaby
As I stated in story this is a remake I made of… who the writer (now as gave me permission to rewrite. Sorry it took so long. XD Anyways I took a different route than the first version, you'll see when you read and hope you all enjoy it. ^^

Also title image is by


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I like to animate a lot and draw/write whenever I can, I can only work when I'm in the right mood as get the best results. I use flash 8 to animate and draw and Gdocs to write, my fave show at the moment is MLP-FIM so my stuff is mostly around them unless I'm commissioned.

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