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Twirltheflag1's OC by Discourt
I love you Tiara by Discourt
A Canterlot Christmas by Discourt
Commissions are open always, you can commission either a image or story. The price can anywhere between $15 or $25 and if it's  story, $5 per chapter (may say no if it'll be really long).

Also don't worry if you have points I can accept those too, hey able to turn those into money for paypal right?

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke


OK, please forgive any anger or caps I might use, if you happen to use Swagbucks and earn money then good for you. However, I am just done with it. For months and even over the span of a year and a half, at most, I had worked at this site watching videos and doing surveys. 2500 points and bam, you get $25 in Paypal, now a few weeks ago I had $20 that I gave to a artist for a commission. That was a upfront payment, 3 days later I worked painlessly for the entire day from 9 AM to 6 PM, doing survey after survey...but I finally got the 2500 mark! At long last I had EARNED something after hours of working for it, so your guessing I could pay the artist the other $20, right?

WRONG-O! I for some reason needed to "verify" my account, at first I had to change my username to fit my Paypal address, no biggie. Then I had to pick between getting a pin number via a SMS or by mailing, I stupidly misread it as "email" and after realizing I asked to have it canceled. They wouldn't, so a week later and no pin came, so they resetted it for me. They resetted it again a week later when the pin, to this moment, still has not shown.

But why not use the SMS option you ask? I tried, both with my phone and my mom's (dad's is the same exact as mine) phone, REJECTED! So, I asked if I could get the pin via email or if it was possible to give my number and they text me it, the reply I got mere moments ago made me raged so @%#@ freaking hard....about 3 or 4 weeks later, keep in mind that artist is still awaiting the other $20 and am sure I am in black listing lvls, the person I been talking too who is named Abby...for the 3rd time asked me to show a ID/birth certificate.

Now she said I could black out most of it and they would delete it afterwards, but I told her, two times, that I don't have a ID (need my GED as bullying caused me to drop out at 16, I'm 22 now, keep in I have OCD) and that my parents would n-e-v-e-r allow it, so why did she ASK ME THREE BLOODY TIMES FOR IT?!!?!?!? I in my rage told her she acted like a bot for asking me to give a ID 3 times after I already said I could not, and said I was 100% done. Which I am! It's either on week 3 or nearing week 4, no think it'll be week 4 this Friday, AND THEY STILL ARE NOT HELPING!

Sure, it was nice they resetted it twice for me to retry, but Abby repeatedly asking me for a ID is so robotic----should I even keep trying to fix this? I'm already very sad I failed to pay the artist on time, yeah it's my fault but I was so close to that 2500 mark I felt I could do it in time. But Swagbucks had @#%@ me over so big here....I don't even know what to do, I tried to get commissioned here and at other sites, but no one took a slot up. So I was stuck with this, I had no choice but trying to get this settled, but now, after being asked a 3rd time for a ID AFTER I TOLD HER TWO TIMES I COULDN'T TO THAT, I'm just done with Swagbuks. I'm done with sites like these, only one ever worked which is called Quickrewards, I did get money off that site into my paypal.

Only issue there is it's all surveys as far I can see in terms of money, you get like 50 cents to $1 at most, however online surveys for 98% of the time will kick you out earning you NOTHING BUT HOURS OF WASTED TIME just because you do not fit what they wanted, I hate online surveys, they can burn in the deepest cycles of THE FIREY UNDERWORLD along with Swagbucks. I am really sorry for my anger, but this site is just UGH who thought mailing the pin was a good idea!? What was wrong with, oh Idk, EMAILING the pin number to verity the account? I see why so many now believe this site is a scam, I told them two times I can't show a ID yet for the 3rd time I was asked to show one...

Do not, under any reasons, use Swagucks, this pin number to verity your account is SO BROKEN it renders the site useless. I tried two times but the pin never showed, and it says 4-6 days! Ugh Celestia and Jesus Christ...well, I'm forever a dumby that deserves blacklisting after this failure. I'm not gonna post journals asking for commissions anymore either, they just never even get looked at besides for that rare blue moon. I now just have to work on my writing skills and hope my WIP book is a success (will keep drawing tho, hopefully a commission will drop by, tbh have a friend who wanted me to do him a that would've been good money, however wanting to mainly focus on my book as a main project I turned it down BUT I did get him a guy who had promising skills. See, I 'm not "that" stupid I knew I wouldn't be good or be able to help him so I said no fairly early while getting him a far better artist as a replacement), Quickrewards does work but the surveys again kicks you out 98% of the time just for not meeting what "they" want. It's just not worth the time to bother with these sites anymore.

Swagbucks, I had such high hopes in making a real income from you, but this asking for me a ID a 3rd time, just shows you aren't worth it. I'm writing this to let out my anger as well as to tell others, if you try Swagbucks, be prepared to be #@@#$^ over like I was. Well, now to face the music of that artist likely blacklisting me for this...never hope if you're me, just never do it. XD I just hope none of you try this site, at least until they fix or remove this verify system which in all honestly is just a stupid idea when you get down to it...well, gonna message the artist and play FF5 some more, not like I can do anything else tonight. XD
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I like to animate a lot and draw/write whenever I can, I can only work when I'm in the right mood as get the best results. I use flash 8 to animate and draw and Gdocs to write, my fave show at the moment is MLP-FIM so my stuff is mostly around them unless I'm commissioned.

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Discourt has started a donation pool!
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I just want points in case I need them for commissions or for a friend.

P.S it says I have 26 right now but I don't, anyone knows how to fix it?

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