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The Bizarre Case Of Minty And Malty

by Speedy


Dear Minty, if you’re reading this then I have no doubt that I have died. Now, I know you were never a fan of my chosen speech so for this letter I shall write normally. Minty, I miss you greatly. You just snorted didn’t you? Yeah, I can imagine this isn’t quite what you had expected. So many years of being apart, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d just ripped this up and threw it away at the first few words.

But if you’re still reading, thank you my child. I’m writing this to be somewhat of an will, but mostly as a way to speak with you. Ever since you left---ever since I threw you out, I regretted it every waking moment. I was too caught up in the times and wanted you to follow in my steps, but when you shown talent for candy---something I had forbidden you from and gave away at first sight, I just got enraged and didn’t think properly.

I said things I shouldn’t have, I threw you to the streets without so much of a blanket to keep warm...after a couple hours and after I had cooled down I felt so terrible. How could an mother treat her own child like that? At that moment I realized what a mistake I had made, I tried looking for you but I could never find you. I just gave up and decided to let you be. I started to think that you would be happier without my strict lifestyle, ponies sometimes tell me I am stricter than---what you call it?

An brick wall is the next closest example, I’m sorry you had to grow up under such harsh rules. But I wanted the best for you, however...I wasn’t thinking about you, just what I wanted for you. Over the years that followed our separation I became more bitter, more harsh, whenever I thought of you I would lose my temper something fierce. Then one day I saw it---there was article about you in the papers.

You had recently opened up a candy shop in an old run down mess of a building, yet you were named a candy prodigy before the first week was even out. You had became exactly what I tried stopping you from being, an---candy-teer as my father called them. I should have had every right to be angry, but I was not. On the contrary, I was happy, I was actually---proud of you. My daughter had archived her foal hood dream, what reason did I have to not be proud?

Over the course of the following years I kept watch over you, and when I had finally built the courage to approach you, you weren’t there. But she was, the most kind mare I had ever met answered the door. I ended up confiding in her and somehow, over the course of three years we grew close. Oh don’t be mad at her, it was I who convinced her to keep quiet in fear of you losing your own temper.

She’s such a sweet mare and I am happy she works for you, at least I could be certain you had an friendly workmate. I was told Thistle Whistle visits regularly, I am glad my old self had not ruined that kinship. Although, does Thistle Whistle even remember? After that Candy Cane Incident as some called it, the poor thing lost most of her memory. Oh dear, I’m rambling. Let me cut to an important time that I have no doubt is long passed, at least I’d hoped it had.

On the night of October twenty fifth, on an most foreboding night if I ever saw one, fog was illuminating the streets as I stumbled upon the last mare I thought I would ever see. It was you, only it wasn’t. It was just an mare that greatly resembled you, I realized it was somepony else when I saw her bright yellow eyes. She looked injured, confounded, she couldn’t speak the poor thing.

What was I to do? I took her back to my place as it was just a two minute trot, through the next hour or so I had nursed her back to health and soon she was able to speak. She didn’t seem to remember anything and I concluded that she had amnesia, but we talked on in hopes she’d remembered something. I had asked her ‘do you remember a location?’ and she did, it wasn’t a street name nor number but she remembered details that I had connected to your building.

I stared at this strange mare, puzzled, I feared the worse and had called Tropical Dream to check in on you. She said you weren’t in bed but you were usually out that late anyhow so she thought nothing of it. I stared at the mare with an keen look of suspicion as I laid down the phone, I simply asked what her name was but she didn’t remember. I asked if she met an green mare with a pink mane, she said ‘Of course, me!’ which being honest had made me chuckle.

I had to know if you were safe and whether or not you had gotten into a fight with this mare, but after many hours of talking I came to the decision that wasn’t the case. After a cup of warm tea I decided to take her home, I hoovepalmed as she couldn’t even recall her own bloody name. So, I did a small trick that I had once taught you. I trotted with her and told her to point out anything that was familiar, she didn’t until we reached your street number. She felt your building was awfully familiar but she didn’t want to enter, it was late so I assumed you were asleep but I managed to persuade her to head in anyhow.

Suddenly I noticed a light had turned on in an upstairs room, scared I fled and didn’t hear back from the strange mare in a few days, three, to be precise. I awoke early at the sound of an knock from my front door, grudgingly I glanced at the clock and saw it was six in the morning, SIX! I got up, put on my nightgown, and stormed to the door ready to wreck somepony’s ears when, to my utter surprise, I saw the strange mare. She asked to enter and had completely overlooked the lamp I was carrying.

After some tea she told me something strange, once she had entered the building she saw a familiar hallway and went down it to enter what resembled an lab. She didn’t remember anything else until she had awoken that very morning, she was asleep and hadn’t awoke for three days? It was curious, Tropical Dream had messaged me saying she found you sound asleep in that very room. I was puzzled, but not crazy, however I recalled a certain book that I had once loaned to Pearl.

Speaking of Pearl I hear her father is getting worse, sad to hear but it’s not surprising. Oh don’t get me wrong, when you inhale so much fume, no matter the amount, it does things to you. I only hope the doctors can manage to find a cure or something, Thistle Whistle had already lost her own father at sea and I would shudder at the thought of her losing her grandfather next. I know that big accident he was involved with is uncomfortable so let me get back on track, although I need to request that book back as it is a family heirloom.

Now let’s see, oh right. I wasn’t sure why I had suddenly remembered the book, luckily I have a very keen memory so it was no trouble in remembering the pages. Minty, what I’m about to say may shock you if you haven’t learnt of it already. The book in question was written by an old and distance relative, at least two hundred years distant in fact. It’s a family secret, kept with heirlooms and the like.

The story he wrote connects very well to the life of a close friend he once knew, a friend so close they might as well had been brothers. Now it was crazy to even think, but I wanted to test it out. I kept her by my side the whole day, as she still had no name to recall I took it upon myself to name her. You remember my old nickname my colleagues used to call me by? I thought it had fit her, and it very well stuck. Minutes turned to hours and dusk became twilight, then it happened.

We were just trotting back inside my place when she suddenly kneeled over, dear lord, I still remember her screaming face. I had to clutch the wall for support for I was so shocked it could had very well killed me, the mare I had named Malty fell to the floor and it was you who I rolled over.

I can’t express the way I felt, it was just too much to even bear. My theory, which was so far fetched it could had ruined me, turned out to be correct. Was it coincidence? Or was I just losing my mind and imagined the whole thing? I don’t remember what had transpired, I just recall carrying you home and wanting to forget the whole thing had ever happened. But the mare returned the very next day and confirmed that it was no hallucination.

I should had turned her away for I was still very much in shock, but I couldn’t...I just couldn’t throw my own daughter out again, especially when she needed me. But would you had even believed me? I feared not, but even as I look upon this mare I see your face. What I did next was very wrong, immoral in fact and I have no doubt that you would had hated me even more. I was surprised, that this mare---now named Malty---believed my words when I had told her of what had transpired the previous night.

She looked at the old photos of you and I that hung in the same exact places since I had kicked you out so very long ago, I couldn’t bring myself to move them so they remained so I would never forget my guilt. Malty looked like she had just solved a complex puzzle as she told me ‘I looked around the building, and this mare here is in pictures over there as well’ it really did surprised me that she wasn’t even the least bit troubled.

But then she told me, after we talked on, that she wanted a life. She wanted yours and I had to stop her but I couldn’t harm my own child, even though you were an entirely different mare it was still you. I just couldn’t bring myself, so I---gave her an ultimatum instead. I told her ‘I can give you another life, one that’s entirely your own. And all I ask is that you keep it separate from my daughter’s’.

She didn’t think long on it, she took probably five seconds before taking me up on it. I know that it was wrong and that I should had felt guilty, but I was thrilled. I was given a second chance at raising you. My self pride took control and over the course of an year I taught her all the basics of being proper, I was sure she’d abject like you had but she seemed interested. I noticed an talent within her, writing. So I gave her an contact I had in book writing and within two months her first book was out.

Right away I knew it was about her in some way, but I didn’t bring it up as long as she was happy and separate from you. As I write this, the two year anniversary of when I first found her is almost upon me. Malty had made quite an name for herself, though I fear she had inherited my temper as rumors were anything but cheerful about her. But, she was doing well and almost weekly the papers had mentioned your name, ‘Candy genius Minty had done it again!’’ it would often say.

I wish I could congratulate you in person, but my soul would have to be content with what it had. But then bad news came to my attention, I came back from the doctors a few days ago and, what they told me is why I’m writing this to you now. I’m dying, why you may ask? My kidney is failing. I went back to the hospital over the course of a few months but it isn’t getting better. If I don’t get an donor within the next couple months, well---you’re reading this aren’t you? I knew the only donor there was is, ironically, you.

But I could never ask it of you, how would it had even went? Your old mother, who you probably still hate with passion, suddenly appeared at your door and asked for an kidney? You would likely had slammed the door in my face. I could had asked Malty, but what would you had said to waking up with stitches? Or even during the surgery! My lord, that would had been terrible wouldn’t it?

So, I decided to die in peace. The only pony I told about it was Tropical Dream, you should had seen her tears. She wanted me to meet you at an Hearth’s Warming Party once, did she ever tell you that? I’m sad to say it would had been impossible now like it was then, I felt too guilty to even stand in your shadow. After hearing of my contention she wanted to talk with you but I told her not too, if she had then Malty would had been the one waking up with stitches.

I preferred to let both of you live. Tropical Dream, I never told her about Malty’s secret but I had asked her that once I’m gone, for her to watch over Malty in my place. No doubt she’ll figure it out eventually, she is bright. Now, whether you become aware of Malty or had already known about her, there is one thing I must say to you. Everything that I had ever did was for you. I told myself that keeping Malty’s life distance would protect the life you had built, the first time I thought about you---and it was still something terrible!

Minty, I can’t fix what I have done nor could I take back what I said. I’m not even worthy enough to ask anything of you, but I must. Minty, nothing had made me more proud than seeing you succeed. I shall leave everything I own to three ponies that even as I die will remain in my heart, Malty, Tropical Dream, and yourself. All I ask in return is one simple wish. The hope, that you would still remember me.

My daughter, live. That is all I can ask, live your life the way you see fit. No matter how harsh our memories might be, I am happy to had been your mother. Now, with the laying down of this quill, I say goodbye my daughter and I wish you a very happy life. Something I could never give you myself...

<center>Your loving mother, Amethyst.</center>

<center>Live your life Minty, live."</center>

Minty rolled up the letter and tucked it back inside her saddlebag. She stood in a graveyard and right before her was Amethyst’s tombstone.

In Loving Memory...” she shed a tear but wiped it away as she smiled at her mother’s headstone. “I have never forgotten you either mom, remember that? I say it like every time I visit you” Minty gave an tearful chuckle. “I miss you a lot, mom”.

Minty rubbed her nose which had started to run, staring at the headstone should be making her sad but she felt far from it. She took another sniff and looked up at the falling snow, she could hardly believe how much time had passed.

“Tropical Dream says I still cry for myself,” she spoke as she turned her attention back down at the headstone. “or something about memories? I’ll never understand what you saw in her” Minty gave another chuckle.

“The town is doing better, it’s still healing but luckily no feud, yet anyhow. More good news, the charges towards Malty were finally dropped today. Star Catcher kept her promise, though I get the feeling that Celestia knew...Luna I know for certain knew, the way she stared at me..anyways, I finally got to question Pinkie about the salts and she said that they were just plain old salts...I didn’t buy it so I asked her to get them checked out, I should hear back in a few days or so" Minty explained the recent events to her mother.

Minty went to continue but paused when she heard a noise behind her. "You’re late, missy”.

“Sorry, just saw my mom off on the train” spoke Whistle who was hovering down by Minty’s side.

As Whistle landed Minty flicked her scarf playfully, Whistle grinned and she returned the favor.

“Well, at least you’re here now. Look, even though it’s snowing they cut the grass”” Minty said, pointing out the newly cut grass that was quickly being retaken by snow.

“Hey yeah, I don’t get why though” Whistle had said after rubbing her itchy nose. “You think the snow would ruin their mowers” Whistle looked about the graveyard until her eyes finally came to rest upon Amethyst’s headstone, while staring at it she added “Do you think she’d be happy about---”

“She was secretly dating Tropical, I don’t think she has the right to argue” interrupted Minty who gave a small giggle, as well as a blush.

Whistle giggled along with a playful whistle, “Heh, probably right” as she nuzzled her head against Minty’s she asked her “Told her yet?”

“Not yet,” Minty paused as she wrapped her foreleg around Whistle’s. “Tropical is doing well mom. The foal she adopted is also doing well, though she had to give up a few hours to raise her---but she’s quite happy”.

“I still can’t believe she named her after your mom, she stole it from you!” Whistle laughed without meaning too.

Minty shrugged and flicked her scarf back around her neck, she noticed the soft wind was starting to pick up ever so slightly. “Heh, well, I’m not mad” she replied.

Minty moved Whistle’s wing so she could nuzzle herself under it, she then took a feather to wipe her nose and even though Whistle had flinched, she didn’t mind.

“Lily is helping her raise the foal,” Minty started but had pause to hand Whistle the feather so she could clean her nose too. “after leaving the guard force she took up a lot of free time to help us out”.

Whistle looked under her wing at Minty, her mouth had fell as she said “I didn’t know she gave up her job”

“Don’t you remember?” Minty asked her. “She told Sparkleworks”.

Whistle shook her head. “No---she said Lily only thought about quitting, she never said she actually did, silly filly” Whistle rolled her eyes with a laugh.

“Oh, well then--” Minty coughed and wanted to hide her blushing face under her scarf. “Tell her about them by the way”.

“About who--oh! Yeah OK!” Whistle cleared her throat and Minty feared she was about to have one of her long speeches. “Sparkleworks and Star Catcher are officially together now, though no wedding---” Whistle looked down sadly and dug at the snow. “---but they have the rings so they might as well have had one and just didn’t invite us to it”.

Minty offered an chuckle that gave her an angered stare from Whistle. Giggling she leaned up and kissed Whistle’s cheek, Whistle blushingly stared away and off into the sky.

”I still can’t get over what Star Catcher had told us..” Minty said as she looked the other way with her own blush.

“About what Amethyst mentioned in her letter?” asked Whistle.

“Yeah, she confirmed it with an history book.” answered Minty, turning back to her marefriend she asked “Btw, your grandfather?”

“Oh he’s better. He still forgets things here and there, but he’s doing far better than he was an month ago” replied Whistle who sounded happy despite her concern face.

Minty smiled, as she removed herself out from under Whistle’s wing she asked “You brought the flowers?”

Whistle gasped and Minty almost facehooved. “I almost forgot!” cried Whistle.

Whistle reached inside her own saddlebag and took out brightly colored flowers that she had stuffed Minty’s nose into by accident. Whistle at first felt terrible but Minty reassured her that she wasn’t allergic to them.

“Thanks” Minty spoke and pecked her cheek again. She took the flowers and kneeled down to place them against the headstone. She ran her hoof across her mother’s name as she spoke “I love you mom. Don’t worry, my candy chain is a big success! Though I no longer use the salts that Pinkie had supplied me with, it’s just too dangerous”.

Minty began tearing up as she went on. “I wish you could see it, maybe if you’re able to look down on us---” she paused as her ears had picked up on an small sound. “Oh stop crying, will you?”

“I can’t---” Whistle sniffed. “---whenever I see you cry, I cry!”

Minty stood up and embraced Whistle in an hug and they each held the other tightly. Luckily Whistle had held back and Minty only suffered a slight pinch of pain, but she didn’t care as long as she had Whistle by her side. They must’ve stood there in the other’s embrace for probably ten minutes before Minty broke it so she could look inside her saddlebag. From it she took out an old and worn looking pocket watch, on the cover was the name Amethyst sketched into it.

“Let’s go home” Minty said after putting the watch away and turning to her mother’s headstone once more.

Using her scarf to wipe away their tears the two were trotting away when suddenly Minty galloped back and started rampaging through her saddlebag.

“Here, I almost forgot” she spoke, placing an photo upon the grave. “All of our friends, yes, even your old ones. The groundskeeper said he’d be up later with an frame that’ll attach to your headstone”.

“Come on!” Whistled whined. “Sparkleworks said their having hot chocolate tonight!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be right there” returned Minty.

As Minty watched Whistle hovering back to their taxi, the owner looking quite the worse for wear with a rose colored nose, she wondered if there was anything else she was forgetting to mention. She shrugged it off, there was nothing she could see ahead but a bright and happy future with her candy, and with Whistle.

As she trotted back to the taxi she whispered “Rest peacefully mom. That, is all I can ask”.

As she and Whistle were carried off in the taxi she watched the snowfall Whistle kept trying to get a snowflake to fall on her tongue and she lost balance, luckily Minty had tugged on her tail just in time and pulled her back to the seat. Minty shook her head with a grin, as Whistle nuzzled against her Minty wondered what laid ahead for them. She remembered something Whistle’s grandfather had once said before he fell ill so long ago, the future is what you make it and Minty is very determined to do just that. All the while with Whistle by her side.


The Bizarre Case Of Minty And Malty Chapter 23
Well, here we are. The final chapter in the story. This has been a long and stressful road, but at long last, after all these months and hours put into this single story, it is complete. I hope you all enjoy it and comment as well as share, oh and if you want to read it on the go here's the full story you can download and use for ereaders. Thank you all for viewing and see you for the next story. ^^

Full Ver…

FIMfiuction Ver… Support me at Patreon! If you want. ^^;

The Bizarre Case Of Minty And Malty

by Speedy

CHAPTER TWENTY TWO:The Confrontation

Whistle couldn’t sleep, all she could do was trot back and forth in the hospital's waiting room. They had brought Minty in over two hours ago and she was taken into immediate surgery. The others thought she really had been in some sort of fight but Whistle thought maybe the whole changing back and forth is starting to take it’s toll on her, the thing that had made her think this was an black eye being in the same exact place as Minty’s last black eye.

Whistle couldn’t bear this waiting, to her it was the ultimate torture and soon enough somepony noticed she wasn’t asleep.

Sparkleworks, who looked very sleep deprived all of a sudden, spoke “W-Whistle? Why are you still up?”

“I can’t sleep, not until I know how she is” Whistle replied. She was trotting in circles until Sparkleworks had placed a hoof on her shoulder.

Whistle looked behind her and gripped her friend’s hoof, seeing her comforting smile helped in taking some of the stress off of her shoulders but it wasn’t quite enough.

“I know how you feel” Sparkleworks paused and took a peek behind her, she was sure everypony else was asleep but she trotted Whistle out of earshot just the same. “Tell me, how do you really feel about Minty?”

Whistle stared at her curiously as if she had heard an entirely different question. “She’s my best friend, BFF” she replied.

“Uh huh, and you weren’t the most worried out of everypony?” Sparkleworks asked.

Whistle tilted her head as if her friend was talking nonsense. “I don’t follow---”

“Look,” Sparkleworks interrupted. “I can pretty much guess as I was in the same spot when I met Star Catcher”.

Suddenly it dawned on Whistle what her friend was getting at and it made her feel, quite indifferent. “O-Oh---but we’re just friends” she blushed, scratching the back of her head.

Sparkleworks shook her head as she spoke “I know how you are around her, and when she’s in danger you really get fired up---”

“That’s because I really care about her safety!” Whistle blurted out, she was half tempted to argue but she didn’t feel up to the effort.

“---right. Well, when she comes to I think you two should talk” Sparkleworks finished her sentence.

“Oh for Celestia’s sake...” Whistle thought to herself.

She went to speak but Sparkleworks held a hoof over her mouth to keep her silent. “Look, here comes the nurse I think”.

A female dragon trotted from the door Whistle was endlessly trotting by, she approached them and said “Your friend pulled through, she should be in room three thirteen in about two minutes” then she left as soon as she had arrived.

Whistle felt so relieved that she could had passed out right on the spot.

“I see you’re eager, but wait two more minutes. I’ll wake everypony in three” Sparkleworks smiled and returned to her previous seat with the others.

Whistle was more than eager although she couldn’t think of another word to describe how she felt at this moment. She galloped in place and stared at the clock which moved so slowly she was sure that Discord had messed with the flow of time again. Finally, after an unbearable two minute wait, Whistle galloped down the hall and turned the corner and stopped to see the room numbers. She had to go up an floor but finding the room wasn’t hard, it was at the very end of the hall and down another corner.

She reached for the doorknob but had pulled back, using its reflective surface she straighten her mane and flicked dirt out of her fur. After she was done she opened the door, smiling greatly as she whispered “Hey Minty” but stopped mid sentence as she saw that the room was empty.

She was confused and checked the room number again, it was the correct number. She looked in the room again in hopes she had just overlooked Minty, she quickly noticed the bed was askew as if somepony had recently slept in it. Perhaps the nurse gave the wrong room number? There was nothing else to do but go back and check but just as she turned around and began trotting she noticed a familiar tail turning the far corner.

Whistle galloped and after turning the corner herself saw that she was right, Minty was out of bed and she was dragging herself along the wall for support.

Whistle hovered over and said “Minty! Why aren’t you in bed?” her words might had startled Minty for she had jumped clear across the hall.

Minty turned back and Whistle saw that she was covered from head to toe in bandages, only small amounts of fur were visible. “S-Stop! Get back, Whistle!” shouted Minty.

“Minty, why are you sneaking out?” Whistle asked.

She started to hover over but had flinched backwards as Minty shouted “Because I’m no longer safe! This hospital would just be Heaven for Malty---easy prey for her..”

Whistle hovered closer again and Minty stepped backwards, still clutching the wall for support. “W-Whistle---please..! I don’t want her to hurt you!” Minty bellowed. Suddenly she slipped but had clung onto a movable bed that was left in the hall. “I couldn’t live if I killed you too!”

“Where were the doctors?” Whistle kept asking herself this as she tried to get closer to Minty, but every inch just made her friend panic even more. Finally, Minty ducked under the bed and overturned it as she fled. Whistle shouted as she was almost crushed under the bed if not for her instincts kicking in, she had flew backwards dodging the bed before going full speed ahead as it hit the floor with a loud crash.

Her bones were aching and felt like shattering under her weight but Minty knew she had to get out of the hospital, it was just too risky with all these vulnerable lives. She had made it to the next corner which split two ways and formed somewhat of an crossroad, she turned left and halted when she heard voices and recognized them as her friends. At seeing their shadows she turned back and made for the other direction just to meet another obstacle, it lead to the lounge where the doctors and nurses hanged between shifts.

Minty turned back again but froze as she heard the words “By my stars, is that Minty!” and knew that her friends had just spotted her.

She hurried along the wall just for Whistle to appear and block her exit. “She’s trying to run!” Whistle shouted, their friends gasped and began trotting over.

“No! Stop!” Minty shouted at them. “You don’t understa---”

“Ms.Minty!” came a shout from behind, an doctor had just appeared at the lounge door. “You get back to bed this very instant!”

Minty was cornered not by two routes, but three, and what made matters even worse was that she began to feel sharp pain in her teeth. She yelped and kneeled over, seeming to throw up. Almost at once Whistle knew what was happening, the coffin was nailed shut as Minty turned to her and her yellow eyes were pulsating. Whistle quickly rushed over but was suddenly bucked hard in the face. Now everypony was rushing over which was the opposite of what Minty wanted.

Her time about out she looked and prayed for a way out and didn’t care what it was, then she saw a window directly behind her. It seemed too good to be true and she knew that if she took this fourth route then she wouldn’t survive the landing. She could feel her teeth sharpening and her eyesight was going, she knew there wasn’t any time left. Everypony were mere feet away and another second would be her capture, with Malty breaking free another second later.

Minty took this chance, Whistle saw Minty galloping for the window. Pushing Sparkleworks aside she galloped and yelled “Minty stop!” but she was too late.

The window shattered as Minty jumped straight through it, as she fell she could hear her friends’ cries.


Minty trotted in utter darkness, a void deprived of any form of life. Nothing but endless nothingness as far as her eyes could see, she wasn’t even sure if she was moving or not. She reached up and went to feel the air, while there wasn’t any she did felt something like water. She saw what resembled grey ripples and redrew her hoof, where was she? For a moment she thought of an answer but laughed at the silly idea, however, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was right.

She repeated herself merely to hear the question, “Am I’m---dead?” it seemed like an strong possibility now that she thought about it.

The last thing she recalled was leaping from an third story window and hitting concrete, then she awoke here. She didn’t even remember waking up, she was just here all of a sudden, could this be the afterlife? Or could it be purgatory for everything Malty had done?

“Well---” Minty started to speak but suddenly felt cotton mouthed. “---if I am dead, then at the very least the others---and Whistle---are safe” she looked up and saw nothing but black emptiness. “Yep, no more suffering because of me..”

Minty laid down and looked at her reflection, she found it odd that the ground, unlike every other direction, had something other than blackness. But why does it resemble water? That she wasn’t sure of but she also didn’t really care.

“All I wanted was to create unique candy, new flavors---new shapes---a new meaning to my boring life..” Minty spoke to herself.

As she talked her reflection seemed to had reflected her thoughts, for now Malty was staring her back. “You---how could candy create you?” she asked the reflection which stared intensely at her. “I used the salts in my other experiments, so why not all of them? Why just the peppermints? Don’t look at me like that!” she snapped at the reflection.

She felt enraged. ”Why? Where did I go wrong!?” she asked as she bucked at the reflection before rolling over onto her side where she began sobbing. “So many you killed...and I don’t even know why! Just that you turned me into a monster and I am glad to be dead!”

Minty sobbed, and sobbed, and felt so terrible it was like her heart was crying itself out instead of her. She grasped her chest and tried to calm down as she rolled onto her back.

“Am I---a good pony?” she asked herself as tears streamed down her cheeks. “Am I’m just insane? least it’s over” Minty took an inhale and with great difficulty she exhaled while saying the words “I feel inside that it's truly is over”.

Minty took another but even greater sigh, she looked up at the black void and wondered how far it truly stretched. “No pony can never know...they wouldn’t even understand Malty” she spoke aloud, her eyes wandering the empty void above her. “They would just----be scared, or just wouldn’t believe it”.

Minty reached up and again felt water, she watched the grey ripples as she said “They would just focus on the tragedy and over look my intentions.” she redrew her hoof and found it was quite dry despite feeling like she had just touched water. “So much death and suffering by my hooves..heh, perhaps it is better this way. I mean, I could get used to this”.

Minty took an third sigh and felt some sort of content by her death. Closing her eyes and relaxing herself she said “Malty will never again harm a pony, or dragon, it’s all over---”

“Did you really think, that I would ever let you go?” interrupted an gruffy and hoarse voice.

Minty sat upright at the voice she had just heard and held her mouth in shock, she breathed slowly and tried to calm herself down. “You’re just a reflection---an figment of my imagination---not real...”

“Oh I’m very real, my sister!” interrupted the same voice.

Minty opened her eyes only to jump and fall over as her double, Malty, was suddenly face to face with her.

“Do you really think that you’d ever be free?” Malty asked. “Ha! If you thought that, then I’m truly sorry to say it isn’t so!”

Minty couldn’t believe this and when Malty had outstretched a hoof to help her stand she truly thought that she was insane. This just couldn’t be real, how could both of them be here at the same time? “B-But how could this be happening?” Minty stuttered, her entire body shivering.

H-How c-c-could this be h-h-happening?” Malty mocked her, laughing maniacally. “Sorry to be the one to ya this sis, but it won’t be that easy to get rid of me!” Malty saw that Minty was refusing her helping hoof, she shrugged and told her twin “For as long as you live I shall be here, just asleep within your very soul”.

Minty picked herself up and was grateful that her injuries hadn’t carried over. “Where are we?” she asked.

Malty gave a puzzled look before turning to look around them.

“Ah, right, you wouldn’t remember..” Malty replied as she started to trot, Minty felt the urge to follow her. “This is my home, where I roam while you’re awake. But for me, it’s never filled with dreams---just this”.

Malty looked back and saw an confused look on Minty’s face. “Ah yes, expected you were moron enough not to follow” she laughed. “This is where you dream, Minty”.

“My dreams..?” Minty repeated, taking another glance around her she found that hard to believe.

“Yes, though don’t count on any help. It’s a black void, fitting ain’t it?” Malty asked before she fully turned around and stared at Minty who looked very stable all of a sudden. She was sure Minty would had at least been a little stunned. “You get to suffer exactly like I had, though at least for an time, you won’t be alone..”

Suddenly Minty started to feel her rage building but she wasn’t sure why, she just hated seeing Malty with such a wide grin. “So?” she asked her twin.

“So?” Malty blinked. “So? Is that all you have to say? We’re finally meeting, you and I! And all you can say is so!?”

“I don’t care what you say” Minty returned. She had enough listening to her twin, she turned away saying “You’re just a figment of my guilt, what I see in the mirror---” when suddenly Malty was face to face with her again.

“Do you know how stupid that just sounded?” Malty asked as Minty fell over in shock, she laughed. “I'm what you face when you look in the mirror! HA----come to think of it that could be an book title...almost ashamed I gave that life up” Malty said with a shrug.

Minty stared at her in shock, being right in her face had made her heart skip a beat. As if Malty was reading her thoughts she bowed her head, took off her hat, and grinned widely.

“You wonder why my face is so horrific?” Malty asked, but Minty didn’t answer. “I must had gulped down the entire peppermint patch I cooked up, I didn’t want to fade away again so to be sure I had many hours I ate, and ate, and ate.” Malty grinned showing her sharp teeth. “Mommy always said too much sugar will ruin your teeth”.

Malty stared at the ground and at her reflection, she bared her teeth like she had just brushed them.

“I blame the salts, and you.” Malty paused as she pointed at Minty like she had just caught her in the act of something terrible. “I don’t blame you for being silent, heck I was terrified myself---until I busted out laughing. I look just like Nightmare Moon, that’s what I said the first time this happened. I don’t know what the salts are or why they react to the peppermints, suppose it’s the orange sauce, or syrup, or whatever you’re calling them these days. But, sadly, the last batch used them all up. Luckily, however...”

Minty blinked and suddenly Malty was gone, she heard laughter from behind and she swore her heart had just stopped. Malty was staring down at her, licking her teeth.

“After tonight I won’t have any need to dig them back up from their hiding spot” Malty grinned, barking at Minty she laughed at the startled reaction.

“H-How did you do that?” Minty asked, if her heart wasn’t beating so fast she would’ve swore that bark had bursted it.

“Did what?” Malty asked in return.

“Teleporting!” Minty shouted suddenly. “We’re Earth ponies, we can’t teleport!”

Malty offered another laugh while flicking back her mane. “Clearly, you failed to understand me earlier” she spoke.

Malty trotted past Minty before turning around and went a few paces backwards, she bent her knees and flicked up her head upward. The ground shook, cracking open, Minty held her mouth as a pillar rose from the ground.

Malty looked down and smirked, she laughed at her twin’s expression. “I lived here for over two years, I can control it now. You,” she paused and Minty thought she had some sort of laughing disorder. “well let’s not get carried away with ourselves”.

Minty’s body shook with fear, her content feeling was completely taken away. She was scared, frightened for her life if she still had one. Then she remembered what Malty had said, but would it even work? She supposed it was worth a try as she had nothing else to lose. She stood up and looked at her twin who from this distance she might as well had been an tiny ant.

Suddenly another echo of Malty’s words had entered Minty’s mind. “You said this was where I dream..” she whispered.

“That I did, ten points for remembering!” Malty clapped her fore hooves and gave a small whistle.

“Then...then this isn’t real!” Minty said loudly, she heard Malty give a loud sigh. “You’re just a nightmare! That’s it! Has to be, you’re just an dying scream. An echo, the last bits of memory I’m trying to hold on---”

“This isn’t a dream!” bellowed Malty as if she had the Royal Voice turned up to an extreme high as the entire void shook. Minty looked up, her knees were shaking. “And it will never end! This is the nightmare that goes on for eternally! And guess what, sis!”

Minty gulped.

“No matter what you may pretend, I am here to stay and I’ll flourish in life when you are gone!” Malty held her chest in laughter, she thought that maybe she did have a disorder? But she didn’t care, she was just too happy in this moment that she felt was her finest hour.

“No! You won’t!” Minty yelled back, somehow she had regained her courage on an rim as she went to add “You seem to had forgotten, I jumped to my death!”

“Yeah, so?” Malty asked, sounding indifferent.

“Well, I couldn’t had survived that fall! Not with my injuries, so you’re stuck here as much as I am!” Minty paused to breathe, then she shouted “Take that and eat it, sis

Malty looked taken aback which had greatly pleased Minty, she smiled and thought she had gain the upper hoof.

“Very well thought out” Malty spoke clapping once more, why did she seem so happy if Minty was right? “But you forgot just one tiny detail..”

Minty gulped again, what had she overlooked? She was sure whatever Malty was about to say had to be an attempt to trick her into denial.

“You were changing into me when you jumped” Malty grinned.

Minty gasped, she was right, the reason she had jumped was because Malty was trying to take control at the worse possible moment. “T-That doesn’t matter, I’ll rest peacefully as you disappear forever! You can’t trick me Malty!” Minty had shouted in hopes to derail the subject.

Malty gave an chuckle as she stood straight upright. “I’ll live forever~ Each and every day you’ll feel me devour your soul~”

“Why are you singing?” Minty asked, but Malty ignored her.

“And I know that now and forever, they’ll never be able to separate Minty from Malty~”

“Stop singing! It’s time for you to die and to leave me alone!” Minty shouted, slamming her hooves down and for a moment Malty was distracted by the many grey ripples.

“I won’t die~ Only you~

“If I die, you die too!” bellowed Minty who was getting more and more frustrated by each passing second.

Suddenly Malty popped out of thin air in front of Minty and she tapped her chest, Minty gulped at the pointed teeth.

“If you die in me, than I become you~” Minty gasped in horror, Malty grinned even more as she laughed menacingly.

“ you just leave me alone!” Minty yelled as she turned to gallop but once more Malty had teleported in front of her, she was backed up until she was pressed against the pillar.

“Can’t you see? I AM you!” Malty shouted with glee.

Minty repeatedly shook her head and kept repeating “You’re lying” over and over in hopes of drowning her out.

“Haven’t you ever wondered why you suddenly grew an attitude, wondered why you snapped at your friends in anger, wondered why you been acting slightly different for the last two years?” Malty spoke, trying to tell Minty the truth that she has been denying for the last two months.

“No---you’re lying! Trying to---” Minty yelped as Malty’s face became too close for comfort.

“It’s the very same reason why I was so nice to Thistle Whistle when I could’ve cared less,” Malty bared her teeth, a bit annoyed that she was unable to grind them. “it even explains why I tried to be proper when I hated that lifestyle! Listen to me my sister”.

“No!” bellowed Minty, she felt like an prey who was about to be killed and eaten by the predator. She jumped forward and galloped but Malty had managed to grab her. “Deep down inside---”

“You are me! You’re Malty!” Minty’s twin yelled, releasing her grip as she stared Minty dead center in her face.

“No! Never!” Minty shouted back,almost spitting into Malty’s face.

Minty kept turning her head to avoid looking her twin straight in the face, but Malty simply grabbed her head and focused her to as she spoke “Yes and it’s forever sis! Better get used to it.” Malty suddenly let go and trotted a few paces away. “We’re the same you and I---stop trying to deny it, after all your friends will have to adjust to this change when it’s made permanent”.

Minty’s eye shot straight open at these words, Malty grinned with an menacingly chuckle.

“Oh didn’t I mention?” Malty asked, pretending to feel guilt. “Yes, you’re finally using your brain! Way to go! With you dead I won’t be chained down anymore, whatever was stopping me from killing them will die off along with you”.

Minty realized she may had made a grave mistake in jumping out that window, but she didn’t see an better alternative at the time as she was changing. Was there just nothing she could had done to stop her evil twin? The thought of Malty using her own hooves to kill her friends made her sick to her stomach, she won’t allow it to happen, she just couldn’t.

“No, you won’t” Minty spoke as she stood up straight and stared her twin dead in her snake-like eyes. “Because you’ll die with me”.

“I’m afraid it won’t be that simple” Malty returned. She stepped back then suddenly disappeared, as Minty would’ve guessed, she was back atop her pillar. “You’re dying, Minty. I have no doubt that the doctors will try to revive you, and when we wake---only one of us is going to be there to greet them!”

Minty stared at the surrounding blackness, she was thinking on what Malty had said before. “This is where I dream..” she whispered. Sdidn’t have another option, she had to try it.

She bent her knees and flicked her head upward while thinking as hard as she could “Please..let me do this..” then she felt herself being lifted. When the sensation had stopped she opened her eyes to see an startled Malty, she grinned. “You may live here, but it’s my world!”

Malty gave what Minty was sure was a forced laugh. “What good it’ll good, I suppose this is it? The last stand as some would call it?” Malty asked.

Minty nodded, and so did Malty.

“Very well,” started Malty as she straightened herself up. “then as one famous stallion once said---let’s duel!”

Spiked spears had suddenly materialized besides Malty, they had shot forward with such speed Minty barely had enough time to jump out of their way. As they shattered her pillar Minty fell through the void. She thought of an cloud breaking her fall and suddenly, right as she was about to fall into a pit of spikes that had materialized, a cloud had formed underneath her.

Malty gave a loud growl and fell from above, a sword clutched in her teeth. Minty thought of an unbreakable shield and it appeared right in her hooves, she thrusted the shield upward and Malty’s sword shattered on impact.

“Imagination gives power here, but it won’t help you much” snarled Malty who was hovering backwards like she suddenly had wings.

Malty grinned and Minty felt an bad omen, suddenly her ears perked up and her tiny cloud began shaking. She was suddenly on a dirt road and a stampede of buffalo was heading her way. Minty panicked and jumped, she fell endlessly and she wished an giant eagle would save her. Malty suddenly teleported below with two spears clutched in her hooves, she snarled angrily as an eagle materialized under Minty. It carried her up and back around to Malty who had materialized a hunting rifle.

“No!” Minty shouted but before she could think of anything the eagle cried as it was shot and it vanished in a thick cloud of smoke.

Falling again Minty closed her eyes and pictured herself appearing next to Malty while hold a baseball bat, she felt herself touch the ground and she went to swing. SMACK she felt the bat as well as her forelegs shook uncontrollably, but she smiled as Malty’s nose started to bleed. Malty growled as the blood rushed back into her nose and it became healed, suddenly she was wearing spiked boxing gloves as she threw herself at Minty.

In the fraction of an second Minty had materialized normal boxing gloves as the two went back and forth with punches that the other kept dodging. That was until Malty managed to land a blow into Minty’s side, she wrenched in pain as she felt the spikes ripping at her flesh.

“Y-You cheated!” Minty cried as she stared her twin dead center in her face.

“Did I?” Malty asked, grinning widely. “And here I thought there were no rules” Malty returned as she violently tossed Minty to the ground.

Minty whaled in pain as her side began bleeding, taking an note from Malty she wished it was healed. It felt extremely odd as her blood rushed back into the wounds as they magically healed. She flipped over onto her back, Malty laughed and with one swirl of her coat suddenly vanished and reappeared what must had been a mile away. Suddenly as the ground shook something fierce, from below Malty a gigantic hammer rose up from nothingness. As it rose maybe twenty feet into the air Malty looked down and smiled.

Heart pumping fast Minty wished that she had an giant cannon, a moment later the ground shook violently again as a cannon rose and met the same height as Malty’s hammer.

Malty offered an faint “Uh oh..” just before it went off and the loudest bang Minty had ever heard filled the endless void, but surprisingly it didn’t hurt her ears at all.

As the smoke faded away she looked at the spot where Malty and her hammer should be at but she only saw a deep crater, she smiled just before an powerful blow had collided with the back of her head.

“I’m getting tired of this game..” Malt growled as she snapped her teeth like a predator advancing on an injured prey.

As her twin advanced Minty thought of a river washing her away, there was a loud rumble and from above came a roaring river. Minty watched and grinned as Malty failed to avoid it as she was swept away, unable to break free she cursed atop her lungs. Minty closed her eyes and pictured the rushing water carrying Malty over a cliff but suddenly she began coughing excessively.

She opened her eyes and saw blood dripping onto her hooves. She offered a faint scream and wished the blood away, as well as wishing that the rushing water would carry Malty into an active volcano. Minty stood up and wished that she would wake up and be with her friends again, but this wish didn’t come true as she was still in the black void.

“Please...don’t let any more be hurt by my hooves...I bet you---” Minty trailed off as suddenly she heard a growl from behind and she quickly rolled out of the way.

Minty fell down a small hill and suddenly felt her limbs being restrained, she looked up and saw that she was inside a giant bowl. High above her she saw an equally giant cooking utensil being materialized and as it fell her eyes clamped shut. She heard a loud crash and she bit her lip tightly, but she was unharmed. Opening her eyes she saw that her last minute imagery had worked, she was outside the bowl and was looking down into it.

Sighing in great relief Minty said “Thank you, Luna...”

Suddenly the giant cooking utensil had lifted again and it had just barely missed Minty’s mane, as it went to stab her she jumped and rolled over. Minty wished that she had pictured Malty in her place when she had the chance. Looking straight up she saw the utensil diving for her yet again, snapping her eyes shut she imagined it turning into thin air and she felt a warm breeze rushing past her. As she stood up gasping for air Malty had suddenly tackled her to the ground. They stood up, forelegs locked around the other’s and they gave each a death glare.

“Just give up and die!” Malty snarled as she tried to push Minty down. “You lived your life, now give me mine!”

“It was never your life!” shouted Minty who was trying with all her might to remain standing, but Malty was quickly overpowering her. “It’s mine, stop trying to ruin it!”

The two fought as hard as they could while trying to push the other down and free their forelegs, Malty gave an hard push and Minty fell to her knees.

Minty’s hind legs were buckling under the increasing weight. “N-No..! I won’t let you beat me!” she cried.

“Just mare up and accept it” barked Malty, she twisted her forelegs and Minty yelped. “We can fight for all eternally if you like, but the only way for you to find peace is to set me free!”

Minty stared into her twin’s face and with an powerful yell shouted “NEVER!”

“Then die a painful death!” Malty shouted back, she twisted her forelegs again as snakes suddenly slid out of her sleeves.

As they wrapped around Minty’s forelegs she screamed, it felt like her legs were breaking in half and she wanted nothing more but for the pain to end. Minty tried to relieve the pain, try to turn the tables on her twin, but she couldn’t, she was being overwhelmed. Black shadows had emerged from the corner of her eyes and they were slowly being engulfed by them, sure that she was dying she began shedding tears, she had failed.

Her vision nearly gone she saw Malty with an crude grin, she didn’t want to die and she sure as Tartarus didn’t want Malty to win. But she could barely stand any longer, she felt weaker and weaker with each passing moment. Yet with all her might she uttered the words “Luna---please help me...” she heard a loud chuckle from Malty who just busted out laughing into her face.

“She won’t help you, she can’t even if she could get here! Just like how your friends couldn’t help you” Malty grinned, leaning in closer she licked Minty’s ear before whispering the words “I think I’ll kill Thistle Whistle first..since she’s the closest one to you..”

All at once Minty snapped back to her senses as if an very loud bell chime had awoke her, the dark shadows began retreating off of her eyes almost immediately as she squinted them.

“Yes, how sad it’ll be---killed by her best friend!” Malty laughed as she redrew her head, Minty felt enraged. ”They’ll sing about me for years to come! MALTY! The greatest serial killer Equestria had ever known! Though it’s sad they’ll never know, that my greatest triumph, came at the price of your greatest failure”.

Malty stared into Minty’s eyes, licking her sharp teeth as she spoke “Don’t worry, for our own friendship I’ll make it quick. Thistle Whistle’s a good mare, though it’s sad she betrayed me for you” for just a fraction of an moment Minty thought she had seen guilt on Malty’s face, but suddenly she grinned widely saying “Well! Time to die, Minty!”

Malty gathered all of her remaining energy so that she can force Minty down, the snakes which were snickering fell silent as they suddenly faded into smoke as Minty wouldn’t budge. Malty blinked, she looked at their entangled forelegs before trying again but Minty simply wouldn’t move.

“I won’t let you hurt my friends” Minty spoke through gritted teeth, amazingly she had regained her full strength and as she stood up she focused it all into her hooves.

“No!” snarled Malty who struggled to subdue Minty. “It isn’t fair! I only had 2 years of life!” she fell to her knees, glaring up into her twin’s face she shouted “Why should you get more years than me! I-It isn’t fair!”

Malty fought against Minty’s grip but she was holding on tight, if she couldn’t force Minty down than she’d had to try something else. She pictured Minty being impaled by a large knife and blood pouring out from her chest, but nothing happened. Malty was perplexed, she tried again. This time she pictured Minty strapped to an grill set so high it would rival Tartarus’ heat. She was let down for a second time and she became extremely worried, why was this realm failing her now of all times?

Malty’s forelegs began wobbling under Minty’s weight, she tried at least three more times to summon something, anything, but no matter what she imaged nothing came to her aid. Minty gripped her forelegs very tightly and gave an heated sniff, Malty gave what she feared was her final curse.

“You-won’t-hurt-anypony-else-ever-again!” Minty spoke, spitting into her twin’s face. She took all the strength that she could muster and with all her might she pushed forward. “Take all your evil and burn in Tartarus Malty!”

Malty fell to the ground with a loud thud, she had reached out a hoof but she suddenly froze up. Starled Minty stepped backwards as beams of light began penetrating from her twin’s body. Malty screamed in pain as she held her mouth, her body broke apart as more beams of light penetrated her. She attempted to stand but had only made it to her knees when the biggest beam of light yet had bursted out from within her chest. She gave the loudest and most earpericing screamed that Minty had ever heard, but she was unaffected.

There was a blue flash that had momentarily blinded Minty, and then, only tiny sparkles remained. Minty stared at them as they fell and disappear, she had done it even though she previously thought it’d be impossible, Malty was gone.

Minty felt something odd, something like an voice from within her ears saying “She’ll never come back” and she felt truly happy at the words.

With an wide grin she took one more look around at the black void. Whether she would fade or remain here she didn’t care, if this was to be her new home she would gladly accept it. She wasn’t sad nor guilt driven anymore, once more she felt fully content.

“Ouch!?” she suddenly screamed as an jolt of pain surged through her system, “What in Equestia was tha--” another jolt of pain and she fell over onto her back.

She began having what felt like a severe seizure, her body twitched, her mouth began foaming and her hooves banged hard against the ground.

“What is happening to m-me..?” Minty asked after a third jolt of pain had surged through her, she suddenly felt very weak to the point that she couldn’t even move her legs.

A fourth jolt of pain surged through her and she fell completely numb. She was paralyzed, her eyes became locked on the empty void above. Her vision once again became blurred but she thought she had seen something hanging over her and she felt something similar to rain pouring against her face. Whatever was above her had started to descend, she felt wet as many grey ripples had formed around her. An light had shined from above and her body was enveloped in it. Now the void resembled a tunnel that was speeding by at an high speed, it was then that she realized nothing was falling, she was flying upward.

The dark void was so blurred now that she couldn’t see anything anymore but she was certain whatever was above her was moving, it was like it was talking to her. She thought she was going to collide with it but suddenly there was a great jolt and she came to an sudden halt as she began screaming her lungs out.

“She’s awake!” she heard a very faint voice cry out. “She’s relapsing! Give me another hundred and thirty jolts!”

Minty felt a sharp pain in her chest as it stretched forward, her eyes jolted open to see an grey and white blur looking over her.

“Stay with us!” the blur spoke while checking her pulse, Minty recognized the voice, it was her doctor.

When the doctor had moved she caught a glimpse of two different things, rain hammering down against her face, and Whistle. Minty was sure she looked terrified but she thought she had seen a smile form on her face. She leaned up an inch or two and immediately felt light headed, the doctor eased her back down saying something that she couldn’t quite make out. She heard Whistle’s voice and she looked over at her, Minty wasn’t sure if she had smiled or not as her body felt very numb.

As she started to look around she heard more voices, standing around her in an circle were more blurs that she was sure were her friends. She was certain the two larger blurs were Star Catcher and Lily, or maybe one of them was Tropical Dream, she couldn’t be sure as she couldn’t even make out their fur color. She must had mumbled something funny as they laughed and giggled, Minty hoped she was smiling as she felt so happy. She closed her eyes again, took a big inhale of both rain and air, and then she lost consciousness.


The Bizarre Case Of Minty And Malty

by Speedy

CHAPTER TWENTY ONE:The Horror Of A Relapse

Standing in her doorway was Whistle and it only took a quick glance before Sparkleworks saw something was wrong. Whistle just stood there, staring, her body shook ever so slightly. When she made a motion to move Whistle galloped and threw herself into Sparkleworks’ lap where she cried heavily. Sparkleworks was at a lost for words but her motherly instincts had kicked in as she held Whistle, she rubbed the back of her friend’s head and offered comforting words.

But Whistle cried on and it was evident something must had happened other than an bad dream, sounding calm Sparkleworks spoke “What happened? and immediately she regretted it as her friend’s crying intensified.

She wasn’t sure how she did it, but finally after what felt like an eternally Whistle had ceased, at least enough to speak properly. Tears streaming down her face she blew her nose on the bed covers and Sparkleworks held back what she wanted to say.

“I-I snuck out..” Whistle sobbed and had cringed as if she was expecting a slap or something else.

Sparkleworks sighed in disappointment, she was so proud earlier. She casted a glance over to her clock and saw it was just barely passed midnight, she pondered how long Whistle was out but thought it’d be best not to bring it up. Instead, as she started to rub her friend’s back and stroke her mane she simply asked why she was crying.

Sparkleworks almost wished she hadn’t asked as Whistle had whimpered “I saw Malty..”

Sparkleworks felt her heart sank, was Whistle just attacked? The very thought enraged her to the point she would had stormed out and tracked Malty down, if it wasn’t for Whistle crying in her lap.

“S-S-She...she changed..” Whistle mumbled, Sparkleworks ceased her comforting strokes as she stared blankly at Whistle who started to sob even more.

“Whistle,” spoke Sparkleworks who sounded ever so firm. “tell me what happened. Now, please?”

Whistle didn’t reply at first but she gave a slight nod, her head never left Sparklework’s lap as she explained what had happened and she occasionally paused to sob.

“I was flying high in the sky...the dark sky lighting my way, barely anypony was out but the ones I saw were all being escorted by guards. Then I saw her, but it was too dark to be sure so I lowered myself down. She ran and I gave chase, catching her in an dead end---oh Celestia she looked a-awful..!”

Whistle’s sobbing had increased to the point her words were barely audible, Sparkleworks resumed the stroking of her mane and it seemed to had calmed her down.

“Her eyes---her teeth!” cried Whistle. “She looks half dragon now!”

“W-What..?” gasped Sparkleworks.

“Her eyes---they look like a snake, her teeth---sharp like a shark!” Whistle explained in between her whines.

Sparkleworks didn’t express any words, the pictured she was given reminded her of Nightmare Moon who she had only seen in photos from her foal hood. Why would Malty, or anypony for that matter, suddenly look like a pony she didn’t even believe existed despite the talk of Princess Luna returning which she thought were just rumors until the last Summer Sun Celebration.

“Are you sure?” Sparkleworks asked as she found it hard to believe. “Was it maybe just the lighting?”

“N-No!” Whistle shouted in a loud whimper. “Ugh why don’t you believe me!”

“I do believe you!” Sparkleworks hoped she hadn’t just lied as she met Whistle’s eyes, they were so filled with grief that it broke her heart. “It’s just---how can a mare change appearance like that?”

All at once Whistle had ceased and for just a moment Sparkleworks feared she had just died, she felt greatly relieved when Whistle had rubbed her nose. Whistle didn’t speak anymore in fear of bringing Minty up and doing her more harm than good, she just laid there silently and occasionally blowing her nose into the covers. Sparkleworks wanted to press the subject but she just couldn’t get the words out, but maybe it was for the best.

Whistle clearly had an dramatic experience and she thought it’d be good to get it all out now rather than later, she again couldn’t bring herself to say it.


Whistle woke up bright and early the next day, despite the previous night’s events she felt refreshed. Yawning she took a look at the clock and saw it was ten in the morning, she noticed the Daring Do theme and an quick look about the room revealed she was in her own room. She found that odd as she didn’t even remember coming back in here, but perhaps Sparkleworks had carried her?

“Where is Sparkleworks?” Whistle asked after seeing she wasn’t in her room, a quick search of the apartment later and it was clear she was home alone. “Sparkleworks! I’m going to see Minty, if you’re hiding well---you win alright?”

Before she left though Whistle had trotted to the kitchen for something to drink, her throat felt a little sore and her mouth was dry like a desert. She took some orange juice and drunk right from the carton, when she had closed the refrigerator door she noticed an piece of paper stamped to it’s front.

She ripped it down and read it aloud, “Gone to see Star Catcher, please stay home today. I’ll be back with dinner later”.

Both carton and letter fell to the floor as Whistle’s heart raced, surely she couldn’t had, could she? “Oh I shouldn’t had told her!” Whistle shouted as she banged her head against the fridge. “Now she’s going to tell Star Catcher!”

Whistle was about to scream when she suddenly thought of Minty, the very next instant she had bolted to the nearest window and lifted it so fast it had shattered, then she leapt out into the sky and took flight. She heard commotion from down below almost immediately, she had no need to look to tell riots had broken out. She heard crashes, screams, and the sound of stunning spells.

One pony she heard had shouted “We need to be prepared for when the dragons attack!”

She then heard a guard shout in reply “There won’t be another feud if we all remain calm--HEY drop that it isn’t to be handled by---”

There was a bright flash below and Whistle clamped her lips shut, she reluctantly flew on. She had reached Minty’s building in the matter of minutes, luckily the riots had not yet reached here.

She flew down and busted through the front door for what might had well been the fifth time this month, she shouted atop her lungs “MINTY! Where are you we need to talk!” but no answer came.

Whistle feared the worse but once she began searching she found Minty quite easily, she was back in the same closet Whistle had stuffed Malty in two months ago.

Whistle banged on the door and immediately Minty had spoken back, her was voice very shaken and worn. “Get away Whistle! It’s dangerous to be around me anymore!”

“I’m not leaving you, I didn’t before and I won’t now!” Whistle had shouted back. She heard an sob and she tried opening the door. “Huh-how did you lock this from inside!?”

“By locking and then closing it, dummy” There was an thud and Whistle knew Minty had just face planted the door. “..ugh I’m sorry Whistle but---she’s too strong now...” she heard Minty speak.

Whistle could hear the stress and strain in Minty’s voice, something wasn’t right and she could pretty much guess what it was.

“I told Sparkleworks I ran into Malty last night,” started Whistle. “and she went to see Star---”

“You saw her!?” gasped Minty. “Oh please tell me she didn’t hurt you!”

“No, she didn’t. But Minty, listen---” Whistle cursed in frustration as Minty kept interrupting her.

“Go away, in case they show. I don’t want you involved anymore than you already are” Minty had said.

Whistle attempted to force the door open but felt something as equally strong holding it from the other side. “M-Minty!” she shouted, trying to yank the door open with all her might.

Let-go! Since when were you this strong!”

“Side effect, I suppose..” replied Minty. “I’m not sure, but that isn’t the point! You need to go no---”

“I destroyed all your blue and green peppermints,” interrupted Whistle. “I burnt them all after searching this entire building from head to toe!” Whistle banged her head against the door in frustration. “I’m sure I found them could this be happening?”

There was an eerie pause that, when Minty had spoken up, felt like shattered glass. “Look on the table, you should see my camera..” she told Whistle.

Whistle turned around and spotted the camera on the large table where Minty’s chemical sets once stood, she stared back at the door for just a moment then trotted over and grabbed it. Immediately she saw what resembled teeth marks and dried drool, Whistle gave an very loud “Ew!” in disgust as she opened the small flap which held the playback screen. Luckily it was undamaged and the video preview showed Minty setting up the camera in her room, the timestamp told Whistle this was between the hours six and eight PM.

Whistle fast forwarded when Minty had laid down and stopped when something had happened, she rewinded a few frames back, hit play again, and watched. The video showed Minty suddenly wide awake, screaming the same silence that Whistle had wished she’d never see again. Minty was changing, but it was so much more morbid than Whistle had remembered it and she was certain her nightmares would be haunted by what she was seeing. Minty held her mouth, obviously in pain, and although it was dark Whistle could clearly see her teeth were sharpening.

Minty’s eyes had shot wide opened, the red veins were visible and for a moment Whistle was scared they were going to pop right out of her skull. As Minty’s eyes turned yellow Whistle was certain they had an red shine to them, then they began to form slits. Whistle wanted to throw up but she couldn’t and was so relieved when the transformation had finally stopped. Malty now sat on the bed, breathing heavily. She stumbled to the floor with a loud thud, a faint curse had made Whistle gasp.

“Malty is such a potty mou---” Whistle trailed off as Malty came back into view as she used the bed covers for support.

Malty breathed, perhaps collecting her bearings, then she spotted the camera and for an fraction of a second Whistle had forgotten it was an recording. Malty grinned, her now shark-like teeth reflected a light that Whistle thought was probably the red light on the camera, but it was unnerving all the same. Malty started to speak, the same cold sensation from last night went down Whistle’s spine once more.

“Hello Minty” Whistle noted Malty’s voice sounded even more gruffly than it had last night. “Seems like we finally get to chat face to face, huh?” Malty giggled at herself, then went onto an explanation that Whistle had already heard.

“You ripped up the recipe for the orange sauce, and Whistle had burnt every single blue and green peppermint, or so she thought! I don’t know how or why, but you managed to eat one. Two months I’ve been dead, for a lack of a better word. I felt weak, either due to me being gone for two months or because you eat one piece, I don’t know or even care. But what I did care about, was staying alive. But how? I had no peppermints and knew my time was short..hehehe, you overlooked one very important detail, Minty”.

Malty had picked up one of the four pillows and began twisting and punching it until she finally ripped it apart, Whistle grabbed her mouth at what she said next.

“I remember the ingredients, and you two mares forgot to get rid of the salts! HA! The most important and hard to get ingredient, and you just forgot them!” Malty laughed maniacally. “Well the other problem, which was exactly brewing the sauce, was quite easy to solve. Cooking pots, yeah I know, who would’ve guessed?”

Laughing Malty had dropped the tore pillow for the camera and got full closeups of her new features. “Heh, what ya think? Mints? I look just terrific, do I not?” she asked the camera.

I have you to thank, ya know“

Whistle wanted to gag as Malty licked her teeth before making an growl similar to a hungry predator. “Too much candy can ruin your teeth, remember when mommy said that? Oh right, you never reconnected! But oh was she always concerned about you...” likely unable to grind them Malty just bared her teeth instead.

The anger was evident when she suddenly bit at the camera. Gnawing, twisting, and then spitting into the lenses before she slammed it quite hard against the wall.

“That mare never cared about me...only you! But guess what? I KILLED HER! AND I’LL KILL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TOO!” Malty bellowed and Whistle could hear the strain in her voice, was she hyperventilating? “If it wasn’t for Thistle Whistle, that was..”

“Wha-what do I have to do with this?” Whistle asked in an shocked induce reaction.

Whistle heard Malty giggling, “Hehehe, well---”  there was the sound of a window opening and the ruff wind could be heard. “---I’ll be seeing ya, sis, don’t worry! You won’t remember a thing, sleep well~”.

There was the sound of the window being closed and Whistle knew she was gone, Whistle didn’t bother watching the rest as she could already guess what it held. Malty was her friend, just an normal pony, how could she had turn into such an monster? All of the times that they had hung out together, all those lessons and the two times she had met Whistle’s friends, Whistle felt sick to her stomach.

Whistle had jumped as a crash suddenly emitted from the closet, it was followed by the words “I-It’s happening---again---Whi--slte...”

Whistle rushed back over to the door and right as she gripped the doorknob, she released it. She couldn’t let Malty get loose, she knew there was nothing she could do other than wait for the candy to get out of her system like she did the last time. Just then Whistle had an realization that confused her and she looked at the closet door with a sense of worry.

“Minty..? Whistle spoke, knocking on the door. “You don’t have the candy with you? Minty---”

The doors from behind had busted opened and Whistle only had a few moments to turn around before an guard had froze her in place by an spell. Now immobilized Whistle could only watch as an entire guard unit, which coexisted of at most five ponies and one griffon and dragon, moved out and searched the room.

“Unfreeze her Colts, she isn’t who we’re here for” Star Catcher’s voice sounded so professional that Whistle had gulped as she knew this was bad news.

Whistle felt the sensation of weights being lifted off of her body as the guard flicked his head, she in a fit of rage shouted “Why are you here!?” but stopped in the midst of her sentence for Lily had trotted into the room.

Lily wore armor similar to Star Catcher’s only it was white and Whistle could see her own shocked reflection on the chestpiece.

“’re one of them!” Whistle shouted.

“Thistle Whistle,” Lily started. “please understand---”

“You were spying on us all this time?” Whistle interrupted heatedly.

“No!” Lily gasped in her defence. “Well, y-yes but I really did come here for an job, at first, honest I---”

In anger Whistle had thrown the camera at Lily while cursing, Lily caught the camera and Whistle kept cursing insults at her for betraying their trust.

“I didn’t betray anypony’s trust!” Lily had shouted back, tears were almost visible in her ears. “I was only told to wat---”

“Enough!” bellowed Star Catcher suddenly. “We are not here for friends to argue, we’re here for Minty. Whistle, I’m certain you are too?”

“W-Why are you looking for Minty?” Whistle asked, she tried to seem unguilty but her fur had already started to sweat.

“We have it on good authority that Malty is not her sister” spoke Star Catcher. Whistle sighed in relief only to gasp as Star Catcher added “An eyewitness to the dragon attack had seen Malty’s Cutie Mark, and it matches Minty’s identically”.

Whistle would bite her own hooves if it wouldn’t look suspicious, but clearly Star Catcher knew something was up. “Whistle,” she spoke, trotting closer and right then Whistle just wanted to die as she had spotted Sparkleworks behind Star Catcher. “If you don’t tell us, you’ll be charged as an--yes I know Sparkleworks, but this is serious!” Whistle had never seen Star Catcher so angry before, she had only seen her this stern with Sparkleworks one other time and it was an memory she rather forget.

“If Minty is behind these murders and attacks then I can’t let emotional standings get in the way.” Star Catcher had said, Whistle swore this whole scene had deja vu written all over it. “You know that, but please understand this time it is important that we---”

There was another loud bang from inside the closet, Star Catcher’s eyes went back and forth between it and an extremely guilty looking Whistle. Star Catcher instructed a guard to open the closest but Whistle had jumped in the way.

“No! Don’t open it, it’s not safe right now!” Whistle shouted as she kept knocking back the guard who kept trying to remove her.

Star Catcher’s patience was growing thin, she turned to Sparkleworks and demanded her to remove Whistle. Normally she would just order somepony to forcefully move another who wouldn’t listen, but knowing her quite well to the point she felt like a mother Star Catcher had hoped Sparkleworks would get the job done while avoiding a fight.

Sparkleworks nodded and asked Whistle to move, but she wouldn’t. “Whistle, please, I know you doubt Minty has anything to do with---these murders---I trust her too, but what are the chances these two share the same exact Cutie Mark?” she asked and felt so terrible that she wouldn’t be surprised if Whistle said she hated her.

“You don’t understand what’s wrong!” Whistle shouted back, her body outstretched across the closet door.

“Then tell us!” Sparkleworks begged. “For Pearl’s sake, tell us what is wro---”

Suddenly Lily had gasped in horror, she handed Star Catcher the camera and she too gasped. “You! Levitate her out of the way! Now!” she ordered and the guard obeyed.

Feeling a rush of wind Whistle was lifted off of the ground, the guard she had fought against now gripped the doorknob. “No! Don’t open it!” she shouted.

But she was too late, the closet was opened. The single light bulb it had was off, the guard flicked the light switch but it remained off. There was a moan which had drew his attention to an limp pony engulfed in shadows, the others were in shock with a few grasping their mouths. They spoke but Whistle heard none of them, she just stared into the closet and felt an bad omen in the pit of her stomach.

Suddenly the limp pony jumped and latched onto the guard, there was screaming and Whistle fell flat on her head with a loud thud.

“Whistle!” came Sparkleworks’ voice.

Whistle’s vision was blurry, the first thing that came back into focus was an orange blur with the face and features of Sparkleworks slowly forming inside it. She looked around the room and noticed she had an headache from the ringing in her ears. Most of the guards had left but she noticed a purple blur that was likely Lily, she was attending to another guard who was screaming in pain and she saw some type of fluid dripping from the side of his face.

Over from her left a large blur was trotting towards her, Sparkleworks stood up and said “She’s hurt, ugh that’s why Minty hates being levitated!”

“I know you’re mad, but that wasn’t our fault” spoke Star Catcher who tried to sound sincere, despite her headache killing her Whistle could still hear the professional tone. “Whistle, you got explaining to do”.

Star Catcher held something to Whistle’s face but her vision was still too blurry to make out what it was, her ears however had heard the camera’s recording just fine. She whistled nervously and pretended to pass out.

Sparkleworks however didn’t find it funny as she said “Oh Whistle no..not the fake blackout gag..”


It was nearing eight o’clock when all of Minty’s friends had arrived at Star Catcher’s office, she was looking over the first copy of an new Fillydelphia Express print. “When guard forces arrived at Minty’s estate this morning, following a lead that further connected her to the ‘Red Apron’, she had attacked them and ran from the scene...” she read aloud.

Star Catcher looked up and saw her friends’ reactions which were what she had expected them to be, shocked and denial.

One of them, whose fur was an very bright and shiny blue, had said “But Minty isn’t the killer! I knew the darling since foal hood, it’s just isn’t in her character!”

Another pony, who for some reason was carrying a balloon, had said “She likely ran because she was scared, and that attack could had been the usual fake detail that the presses makes up all the time”.

“I assure you that the attack did happen, if you don’t believe me you can visit Coles in the hospital” spoke Star Catcher. As she crossed her hooves she watched for any signs of suspicious behavior from her friends.

The ponies whispered to each other and seemed like they were discussing the situation, Star Catcher glanced over and saw Whistle and Tropical Dream, who looked to be the most guilty of the lot. Lily, who was standing by Star Catcher’s left, looked equally as guilty.

Star Catcher spoke to the two mares, saying “You got to explain to them everything that you have told me”.

Whistle stared at Tropical Dream who returned the same uneasy look, Whistle opened her mouth to speak but right then Lily interrupted, saying “They been through enough as it is. Besides, we can worry about that after we find Minty”.

“They have a right to know,” snapped Star Catcher who kept her eyes on Whistle. “I know it’s terrible but the truth is better than lying”.

“But this?” returned Lily. “They’ll never be able to---”

“It isn’t Minty’s fault” Whistle’s voice got the full attention of the room. “She tried to stop it, she really did...”

Everypony stared and Whistle felt so out of place that she might had been better off in Dragon Town, Star Catcher was the first to reply. “Minty isn’t in her right mind” she spoke. Slowly Whistle turned to look at her, she begged Star Catcher  not to say it. “she’s---not herself, if we don’t find her fast then Shining Armor and Flash Sentry will.” she spoke.

Star Catcher stood up from her seat as she added “Yes, they arrived yesterday and I had a very heated discussion with them an hour ago. So---” she paused to look about her friends. “---we got to find her, I can’t because of my duties but all of you can as you should get an idea where she usually goes”.

“Darling,” spoke the bright blue mare who took a step forward. “what exactly did she do---”

“For starters,” interrupted Star Catcher a bit heatedly. “she took a chunk of my guard’s cheek clean off---yeah, her state of mind isn’t stable right now”.

Everypony else had gasped and Whistle could see, amongst all the whispering, that they were more scared than worried. She couldn’t blame them, she was probably the most scared of them all yet she knew more than they did. She was forced to tell Star Catcher everything not long ago, Sparkleworks’ face was forever burnt into her mind. Star Catcher said a few more words before everypony was sent out with one goal in mind, find Minty before any of the guards do.

It wasn’t an easy task, however, as Fillydelphia was an large city and almost every inch was covered with guards. The ponies decided to split up and cover more ground with Whistle, Sparkleworks, and Tropical Dream staying together.

Sparkleworks had said “How does she expect us to find her first?”

Tropical Dream simply answered “Well, we know Minty won’t be anywhere near guards right now. So we have to think---what’s the least guarded area right now?”

“You’re already thinking wrong” spoke Whistle who was galloping just a few inches ahead of them. “She’s probably still Malty right now, we have to think about her and where she would go”.

Since Malty had went as far as Dragon Town Whistle knew finding her would be twice as hard, she had the idea to check Malty’s place which was located near Dragon Town but there was one problem.

“Her place was probably checked when the news pony mentioned her,” Whistle was sure Sparkleworks had got to be a mind reader, there was just no way they were thinking of the same place as Whistle never even told her where it was. “so we can’t risk going there”

The search had lasted up till eleven o’clock before they had regrouped with the others, they  were all discussing where they had just recently searched.

“We have to check them again“ Whistle was given many stares as she said this, but she went on. “Just because she wasn’t there before, doesn’t mean she won’t be later. She’s on the run!”

Everypony stared among themselves. Some complained about how big of a needle in a haystack this was and that the odds that Minty was already found were higher than their odds of finding her. Others said they couldn’t even hold their eyes open.

One of them had said “But why would she be there now?” and got such a irritated and uncharacteristic stare from Whistle that she had gulped.

“She wouldn’t stay in just one spot!” barked Whistle. None of her friends, even Sparkleworks, had ever seen her like this before. “If we can’t find her tonight then we research everywhere again tomorrow, and the next day after that until we find her!” she yelled, angrily at her friends’ for wanting to stop the search.

The mare with bright blue fur, after seeing an twitch or two, had trotted up and placed a hoof onto her shoulder as she asked “Whistle, darling, what if the guards already found her?”

“Remember Lily?” Whistle asked as she spun around and nearly knocked her comforting friend over. ”Minty had searched for her through midnight, we all did!” Whistle turned to each of her friends before adding “Remember how we all felt when we couldn’t find her?”

There were no replies, only sad faces that told Whistle that they do remember. She hadn’t meant to be so rude but she was just worried and fired up with emotion. Minty was her best friend and the thought of her being out there and hunted was something that she just couldn’t cope with, if Whistle could she would buck Malty for causing all of this.

A voice finally broke the silence and Whistle was surprised, upon turning around, to see Lily. She wondered how Lily had find them so fast and why she was here at all, suddenly her stomach had twisted into knots. Surely their time wasn’t up already?

 “I remember too,” Lily had spoken. “I still feel guilt for making you all worry like that”.

“Lily..” Whistle whispered. She couldn’t think of any words that she could have possibly said, she was too jumbled but there was one thing that she did knew for certain, she was glad to see her.

“We hadn’t found Minty either, Star Catcher asked me to tell you---” Lily paused, everypony wondered what she was going to say and hoped it wasn’t more bad news. “---she doesn’t care how long it takes. She managed to further delay the Fillydelphia Express til tomorrow afternoon.” she told them.

Staring at them with a stare that could burn through ice Lily said, in a voice that sounded like she was talking to a guard unit, “So we got til then to find our friend!”

Nopony replied with anything other than stares, and for just a moment Lily feared that her words had fallen on deaf ears. Then suddenly, as if somepony had skipped ahead in an movie, everypony rallied like they were Royal Guards.

“I’ll recheck the bowling ring,” spoke their bright blue friend. “the darling always had a thing for bowling”.

“And I’ll check the party store!” spoke their friend who was still carrying her balloon. Everypony stared at her as if she had something profound, staring back at them she asked “What? My twin of an niece likes parties and told me Minty used to hang there quite often”.

“Right---I’ll check the library, it should be deserted but what could a better hideout right now?” spoke another friend. Rubbing her ears she reached into her saddlebag and took out a new pair of glasses, everypony stared at her as she put on them on. “What?” she asked, glaring back at them before mumbling “Ugh I hate these things...”

“OK everypony, head out and find Minty!” Lily shouted like she was in charge of her very own unit.

Everypony had set off to search once more, besides Whistle and Sparkleworks who had remained behind with Lily.

“Whistle” started Lily.

“What?” asked Whistle.

“Thank you, for what you said” Lily smiled.

“What I say?” Whistle asked as she didn’t find anything special in what she had said, until she actually remembered what it was. “Oh, don’t mention it---”

“Minty never gave up searching for me,” Lily interrupted, she looked genuinely sad as she went on to add “she was a true friend and my thanks were spying on wonder she bucked me in the chest earlier..” Lily paused and rubbed her chest plating which held a deep dent. “If I have to freeze the entire town I would, if only we had an air balloon huh?” she giggled.

“We could still fly,” spoke Whistle, outstretching her wings. “and with you we could cover more---”

“Whistle,” interrupted Sparkleworks who had pulled Whistle back down when she had attempted to hover. “I think you should go home”.

Whistle blinked. “What!? Why?”

“Because it’s late, and you know how you are when you get sleepy” answered Sparkleworks.

Whistle’s mouth clamped shut and she held up her hoof which had started to shake uncontrollably, Sparkleworks went to add something but Whistle had busted out in an overly loud volume “No! I am not resting until I know she’s safe! Celestia, I know you wanna be my mom but I’m not a kid anymore!”

Sparkleworks was taken aback by this outburst and Whistle suddenly heard what she had just said. Seeing Sparkleworks’ face, which looked like she had just been hit, made Whistle hate herself.

“I’m sorry..” spoke Whistle as her head fell to her chest. ”I’m just so worried..”

Whistle was about to cry when Sparkleworks had raised her head back up, “I know you’re not a kid, heck you have grown up a lot over the last few months.” Sparkleworks gave an failed attempt an smile before kissing her friend’s forehead. “As for me wanting to be your mother...”

Whistle sniffed a little as Sparkleworks held her in an embrace.

“I would never want to replace Pearl, but wouldn’t lie in saying I hope my own foal would be just like you” Sparkleworks spoke, holding her friend tightly before raising Whistle’s head again. “Even the orange juice addiction” she joked, succeeding in an smile as she patted Whistle’s head.

Whistle laughed, Sparkleworks turned to Lily who had an sisterly smile across her face. “Any idea where to look?” she asked.

Over the next three hours the search yielded no better results than before, by now they had searched the entire city twice over, well at least the parts that they could search without guards breathing down their necks. Most were giving up hope and suggested that Minty had skipped town, Whistle hated to admit it but she was beginning to lose hope as well.

But suddenly, as if something was answering her wish Lily had flew overhead, she shouted down below “I found her!” and took off with the group giving chase.

Lily lead them into an alleyway, the very same one Whistle had lost the silhouetted pony in days ago. There laying motionless among turned over garbage was Minty, Whistle had immediately galloped past the others and went to her side. Whistle gasped at the dried blood around Minty’s lips and the bruises she had, she looked like she had just lost a street fight. Whistle tried waking her up but she was unresponsive, she asked somepony to get help but before anypony could even make it five feet Lily had shot an magical flare into the air that had illuminated the sky in red.

“What are you doing!?” yelled Whistle who was clutching Minty close as Lily trotted over to them.

“Don’t worry” Lily spoke fastly. “I outrank most if not every guard. As long I carry her, they won’t abject”.

Whistle was very reluctant but nodded in agreement, she helped Minty onto Lily’s back and not a moment sooner had the scene been overrun by guards.

Whistle became very nervous as she watched guard after guard arrive, as Lily had said none of them questioned or even talked back to her. Lily told everypony to give her some room, she trotted a bit and stood very still. Breathing in deep and slow breaths she lifted her head and her horn lit up, Whistle watched amazed as Lily’s magical aura engulfed her whole body. Then she flew upward and they all followed, where to Whistle could only guess.


The Bizarre Case Of Minty And Malty

by Speedy

CHAPTER TWENTY:It Gets Worse, And Then Terrible

“OK, let me ask very clearly...” started Star Catcher who trotted around a small circuital room.

Her friends Minty, Whistle, Tropical Dream, and Lily sat at a table in the center of the room. Sparkleworks stood against an glass stained wall which was the only thing that stood out against the rest of the room which was dull and metallic.

Star Catcher took a seat and crossed her hooves as she looked over her friends intensely. “Have any of you seen Malty in the last twenty four hours?” she asked them.

At her question the mares shook their heads saying no, Whistle however, had remained silent. Star Catcher raised an eyebrow and when Whistle had took notice of the suspicious glares she nervously whistled and tapped her hooves together. She looked about the room but the more she ignored the stares the more they burnt. She bit her upper lip down in an attempt to remain silent, but she couldn’t take it, she broke.

“OK OK! I thought I saw her the night of the game, but I lost her” she blurted out suddenly. “Now please---stop with the stares! Their killing me!”

An sigh of relief came from Star Catcher, before she spoke again her gaze turned to Sparkleworks who was holding a single hoof to her face. While keeping her eyes on Sparkleworks she asked “Where did you see her?” and saw an immediate reaction.

Sparkleworks had worry, stressed, and concerned mother all over her face. She had noticed her friend’s stare and Star Catcher turned back to Whistle who seemed to be taking quite a headache.

“At some club” she spoke rubbing her temples. “All I recall were orange flashing lights, she ran when I saw her”

“Hm..curious” Star Catcher whispered. She took a moment to gather her thoughts, shown by her staring down at the table before looking back up at the other three. They had said no to seeing Malty but Star Catcher needed more than simple words, even from her best friends.

“Are any of you certain, absolutely positive, that you hadn’t seen Malty?” she asked them again.

“No” answered Minty who had crossed her fore legs. “I hadn’t at least, I mean how could I?”

“How could any of us?” spoke Tropical Dream who gave Minty a slow head shake. “She’s been missing for two months, plus the three of us had been painting and had no time to be outside recently”.

“I can vouch for that” Lily spoke, waving her hoof at an invisible fly. “I got the stained dresses if you want prove”

“That won’t be necessary” replied Star Catcher.

A guard had entered the room suddenly, trotted up to Star Catcher and left after whispering to her. Minty whispered to Whistle “Wonder what that was about?” to which her friend simply shrugged.

As if she had heard her Star Catcher gave a fake cough, Minty had sat up so fast her back stretched and the blue hue returned. She gave an curse under a grunt, “Sorry...” she nervously grinned.

Star Catcher turned her eyes to Sparkleworks and then at the glass wall behind her, where no doubt Pearl stood watching them. She closed her eyes for a moment or two, inhaled and exhaled as she spoke “Last night a bar fight broke out and an stallion would had been Bludgeoned to death if not for an courageous small dragon breaking it up”.

Tropical Dream held back something like an laugh. “I always tell ponies those places are for brutes, my dear old aunt almost lost her eye in a bar fight!” she embarrassing spoke after she had gotten angry stares from the others.

“Yes, well the culprit ran from the scene but we had many eyewitnesses who came forward” Star Catcher paused to stand up as she looked down at her friends. “The details were---conflicting, at best. But one detail remained the same, yellow eyes”.

Minty and Whistle turned to the other, mouths open and totally speechless. She saw Tropical Dream starring in her direction and Minty mouthed the words “I thought you were watching me!”

“I was!” mouthed her friend who suddenly had an look of horror on her face. “W-Well I may had fallen asleep---”

“Oh come on! You had one job to do! One jo---”” Minty froze, she had forgotten to mouthed the words and had instead yelled them.

Minty gulped and forced a smile as she began to sweat. Star Catcher was tapping her hoof, Whistle had banged her face against the table, the guards whispered to one another and she dare not look at Sparkleworks nor at the glass wall behind her.

“I--I---um..” mumbled Minty.

“Is there something you would like to tell us?” at Star Catcher’s question Minty shook her head, she raised another eyebrow and Minty just gulped.

She had to come clean, she knew it was the best option. She wasn’t even sure how Malty returned as she was still certain that one broken peppermint couldn’t had lasted long enough for her, plus how did she return after it had wore off? Before Minty ate her blue and green peppermints almost religiously and thus Malty was able to sustain herself for hours at a time, or at least that was what Minty theorized.

If her theory was correct then the only possible answer was that Whistle hadn’t destroyed them all, but she had searched the entire building twice over after she was released from the hospital and found none were left. If there was a stash she had forgotten then it was likely it wasn’t in her building.

If that was the case then she’d never find them. The other possible answer is that she was wrong, she did found it odd that she kept the damage Whistle had done to her spine as it conflicted with one glaring problem. She had a black eye and never once did Whistle remark on Malty having one, it had healed for her but returned in full for Minty? How was that even possible?

Physical pain was just that, physical, yet Minty can barely stretch without pain but Malty can engage in a bar fight? What made her so special! She was not even her own mare so why was she getting the better end of the stick, Minty was really starting to hate her more and more by the passing minute. She knew it’d was likely Malty would return again and if she did, she'd rathered be locked up in an cell than out there murdering.

She stomped with an great sigh, ready to confess and take blame for everything. Whether they believed her or not she didn’t care, at least they would take caution to her words. But right as she was about to speak Tropical Dream had stood up and interrupted her.

“Its my fault” Minty stared at Tropical Dream in shock, what was she doing? “I was suppose to find Malty and hide her, you see---” Tropical Dream took a glance at Minty who was mouthing for her to stop before she made a huge mistake.

Tropical Dream didn’t listen, instead she spoke “I’ve been hiding her, a final wish from Amethyst to protect her daughter..w-wait I mean---”

“Daughter?” interrupted Star Catcher who looked rather taken aback. “You mean she’s Minty’s sister?”

“W-Well...not exactly her sister,” mumbled Tropical Dream as she fractionally tried correcting herself. “you see she’s---”

“Oh Celestia, finally some sense!” Star Catcher sighed in relief. The others breathlessly stared at her. “That explains why she resembles Amethyst and Minty, their related! Half sisters I take it? Only met her mother a few years ago?”

“I-I---yes! Why, that’s exactly what I meant!” Tropical Dream answered as she rolled with the idea as she found it rather safe for Minty. “Minty never knew, oh my stars in Heaven, they wanted to tell her but you knew how her and Amethyst splitted ways..”

Minty couldn’t believe that Tropical Dream was lying to Star Catcher’s face, it was so out of character she actually wondered if she had gotten into the peppermints and had changed too.

“T-Tropical---I---don’t believe this..” Minty gasped, this seemed so surreal she wondered if she was dreaming.

“Oh Minty, please understand, it’s for your own safety” Tropical Dream spoke in a reassuring smile.

Minty wanted to speak up and stop her friend but by the time she did Star Catcher had said “If you’re telling the truth, then we need to speak privately. Guards”.

Without so much as an word Minty and the others were escorted out, the last thing she saw before the door closed was Tropical Dream’s reassuring face.


It was high noon, the train rolled into the station and engulfed the entire platform with steam and smoke. “Ack! Stupid steam!” Whistle coughed, hating the train.

The engineer stepped off of the train, followed by the chef and some waiters. The engineer spoke aloud in his booming voice “There will be a few minutes break before we go, have to fetch an repair pony” and trotted off the platform with the other three in toe.

“Well, that’s just divine” spoke Pearl who gave a gentle head shake. She turned to Whistle, who was still coughing her lungs up, and with another head shake she patted her daughter’s back then softly rubbed it. “I’d swear you have asthma, honey”.

Whistle’s coughing ceased although now her throat was a bit sore. She spoke trying to hide it from her mother. “I’m fine, next time I might not wanna stand on the very edge..”

“That’s a good idea, honey” Pearl smiled as they trotted to a nearby waiting bench. Once they sat and were comfortable she turned and asked “Are you sure you want me to go?”

Whistle jumped at her sudden question, “Yes, well no---granddad needs you more than I do” she replied, being really nervous she had added “Maybe I can visit you sometime!”

Pearl nodded her head and turned to the other ponies who were waiting around impatiently. Over to her left she spotted the engineer returning with two Unicorns, along with the chef and waiters who were carrying large boxes of food, they reentered the train. Through the windows she could see the faint glow of the Unicorns’ magic, then there was a loud scratching sound that had made everypony grip their ears tightly.

“What, are they repairing the hull?” Whistle asked sticking her tongue out.

The loud noises didn’t stop there, they heard what sounded like hammering and an crash, everypony shook their heads with a few considering to just leave.

“Promise you’ll write? If anything happens?” Pearl asked. After Whistle had nodded she added “With what’s been happening I wouldn’t normally leave. I’m sure my dad’s nurse would be glad to stay with him but, oh, that stallion can’t go a day without seeing me” suddenly Pearl looked down depressed. “You know I suspect your grandfather is losing his memory more and more each day..”

Whistle started to feel sad, she knew her grandfather was in bad health and needed daily care, but she had no idea that his mind was going. She hadn’t seen him in forever and it seemed like the window to visit is growing ever shorter, perhaps when this whole mess was over she could manage a train ticket.

As if her mother had read her mind she asked her a question, one that had made her mind return to her own question on whether or not she knew about Malty. “How’s Minty doing?”

Whistle took two solid seconds before she answered “Fine, I suppose”.

Pearl nodded, she stared at the platform and for a moment Whistle wondered if she had seen something ran by. “Twin sister..wonder how she’s taking it?” Pearl almost whispered.

“O-Oh..!” Whistle managed to hide an sigh she had just taken as she gasped in relief. “How can you deal with something like that?” she asked.

“Thistle Whistle, promise me something?” Pearl had asked. Whistle curiously tilted her head, then nodded. “If...if anything were to happen, message me right away? I need to know---if you’re safe”.

Whistle was taken off guard by her mother’s question, she pondered on her answer for a few seconds. She had to know, why else would she be asking this? Besides just being a worried mother Whistle had thought, she nodded and said “I promise, mom” and Pearl seemed to be better at ease.

Pearl reached inside her saddlebag and took out an old and grey bound book, she passed it into Whistle’s hooves with the words “This is the book I mentioned the other day, maybe it could help you in a certain pitch” along with a smile that felt as warm as the sun’s beaming light.

Suddenly the train’s loud horn blew followed by the words “All board!!!” and Pearl hovered to her hooves.

“That was fast, I’ll write when I get home” spoke Pearl, she  kissed Whistle’s forehead before adding “Remember to keep me posted” then she trotted to the train.

Whistle watched as she entered and took an window seat, when the train started to roll out some minutes later both waved to the other. Her emotion building Whistle chased the train up to the very edge of the platform, clutching the book to her chest as she shouted “I love you mom!” then she watched until it had vanished over the horizon.

Whistle remained there for a few minutes, a million thoughts were going through her mind. She looked at the book her mother had just given her and read its title aloud, “The Strange Case Of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde..”

An quick look at the pages revealed it was very short, at least eighty nine pages long. She wondered what the pitch her mother had mention could be, could she had meant Malty? Why didn’t she just come out and tell her? Was she scared? Concerned or worried about what Whistle would had said?

Whatever her reason was, at least Whistle didn’t have to lie. As she trotted off of the platform she had turned to the front page and started reading, immediately she saw a connection that felt so eerie she was sure the air had turned ice cold. Whistle kept reading the book over the course of three days, the second day she couldn’t read much as Sparkleworks wanted to check on Tropical Dream who was incarcerated due to her lie of hiding Malty.

Minty visited that day as well but they had just barely missed her, Tropical Dream told them that Minty was taking her being locked up quite hard. To see Tropical Dream, who was always so clean and neat but was now filthy and quite wore, Whistle felt really depressed. Tropical Dream gave a reassuring smile that did little to cheer her up.

Tropical Dream had asked Whistle about her mother, to which she replied “I got her letter this morning, my pappa---that’s what I call my granddad---is doing alright. I’ll write back later this evening”.

During the present day Whistle was relaxing on the sofa as she read the last few pages of the book while simultaneously listening in on the morning news. The news pony was just saying “Five attacks in two days, the perpetrator, now identified as one Ms.Malty, is getting ever more bold”.

Whistle had flicked her head up to see an photo of Malty being displayed. As the news pony said “Malty was revealed, by a certain friend to whom is already in custody, to be the daughter of Amethyst and half sister to our famed candy genius Minty---” Whistle became worried, what if ponies started to hassle Minty now?

Minty was already in a bad state as it was, keeping herself locked up for hours on end and refusing to leave her room in fear of suddenly changing. Whistle thought it was a big mistake, as well as heartless, to had mentioned Minty in the news. Ponies might start believing that Minty was hiding Malty, which she was but not in the way that they might expect. Suddenly Whistle had jumped straight upward with the book falling to the floor, her heart raced and she knew what was just said could only mean bad news.

The words replayed in her mind with an eerie echo, “I was just told that another death occurred, a small dragon from our own Dragon Town was just discovered in the most gruesome state yet...”

Forgetting that the remote was beside her on the sofa Whistle had hovered over and raised the volume on the TV itself.

The news pony spoke, in a voice full of panic and fear “Yes? Oh? Oh dear..I was also just told, dear viewers, that starting today at twelve Fillydelphia will be under a total lockdown. To keep myself short, every inch of Fillydelphia will be under heavy patrols from now until Malty, or whoever this monster is, is caught. How could anypony do that to a child!”

Suddenly the news cut to an error screen used for intermissions and Whistle could hear static coming from the speakers. She thought this was the final nail in the coffin as it was serious now, more than it was before.

“A complete guard lock down..?” Whistle repeated, the last lock down that she even remembered was way back into her filly years.

Whistle had to see Minty, she hovered up but just then she noticed Sparkleworks. She was staring at the TV from the archway between the kitchen and the living room, she seemed to had been in an state of shock but was broken out of it when Whistle had moved.

As if Sparkleworks knew what Whistle was thinking she firmly said “Oh no, you’re staying right here Thistle Whistle!”

“I have to see Minty!” Whistle returned loudly. ”She can’t be alone right now, you know that!”

“Maybe, but Lily should still be working there, she’ll be fine as long as she stays inside and I expect you to do the same” Sparkleworks replied. To make her point even more clear Sparkleworks had trotted to the front door and slammed it shut, she locked it, trotted over to the sofa and sat down.

Whistle wanted to scream in frustration, stuttering she yelled as she left the room and slammed her bedroom door shut. Sparkleworks cringed a little as she too wanted to scream. She felt a little bad she had to do that, but she knew Whistle would only get hurt if she went outside now of all times. She felt guilty, as well as a bad mother as she sat there for at least an hour before she suddenly stood up. She silently trotted to Whistle’s room, nudged the door open ever so gently, and saw she was sound asleep.

Sparkleworks smiled, happy that for once Whistle hadn’t disobeyed her and snuck out. Quietly she closed the door and went to her own bedroom, the time on her sun themed clock was nearing eight fifty, usually she would stay up til ten but felt she should just go ahead and rest. Surprisingly it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep, her dream was the old and usual one where her and Star Catcher were trotting around and greeted their friends whenever they happened to bump into them.

The trees were thin and tall, leaves dancing in the soft and gentle breeze, the grass was lust and had an brilliant blue hue to it. The two mares trotted, each nuzzling the other, they had reached Whistle and Pearl who were having a picnic. They greeted each other and Sparkleworks asked if they could join them, as Whistle spoke Sparkleworks had jumped in shock.

Her face was melting, her eyes and mouth disappeared and were replaced by black indents, her body looked similar to wax that was under very intense heat. Suddenly the entire landscape began melting and Sparkleworks screamed as she saw both Pearl and Star Catcher were melting as well.

They advanced on her, she stepped back and stumbled down a hill that wasn’t there before. She rolled until crashing into a tree and suddenly, faster than she could had ever reacted, the three melting ponies had grabbed her. She fought against them but they were stronger, she was held down and she feared the worse. Suddenly, from the melting Whistle came a whisper and they all stopped.

She repeated the whisper but this time it was so ear piercingly loud that when Sparkleworks had leaned forward screaming she was back in her room. Her fur covered in sweat and the covers were askew, she fell back onto her pillow in relief but had almost immediately sat back up as her bedroom door was suddenly busted open.



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